The Ultimate Guide to Beds

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Regardless of its age, style and size, the bedstead, which is the metal or wood framework that consists of headboard, rails, foot board and slates, serves as the foundation of your bedroom.Since you spend almost one-third of your life on the bed, why shouldn’t you make an effort to make it the best possible place? This can only happen when you choose the right components and you will experience a rejuvenating rest that will make your days and nights blissful. There are different kinds of beds that are available these days as you can see at Murphy Beds and you need to decide the style you want.

Some of the popular options that you can consider are:

Platform Beds

This is one of the oldest styles of beds available and yet it is considered a modern choice as well. As compared to other traditional designs, it is low to the ground, which allows it to provide a cooler sleeping environment. The simplest styles amongst platform beds don’t have headboards and foot boards. They are often chosen by people because they can be handy for creating an uncluttered and clean space.

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Four-Poster Beds

Originally, four-poster beds were designed for holding hangings so those sleeping could be insulated against drafts. Depending on the kind of style you prefer, you can turn and decorate the corner posts lavishly or choose to leave them plain. You can make a dramatic style statement with the soaring posts and use the bed for creating the visual center in the bedroom.

Tester Beds

Also known as a canopy bed, a tester bed is just like a four-poster, but it comes with crossbeams for connecting the posts and supporting an arched or straight canopy (also known as tester) above the bed. In the past, you could have found canopies made of lace, brocade, structured velvet or even solid wood. These days, light fabrics are used for lightly draping over the beams. It is great for adding a romantic touch to the bedroom.

Sleigh Beds

First referred to as French beds, they are now known as sleigh beds because they reflect the curves of an old-fashioned sleigh. In 1815, the French Empire style saw its popularity soar due to which the scrolled, high headboards and footboards had also gained traction in the US market. Whether made of metal or wood, this bed has a substantial frame that can serve as the bedroom’s focal point.

Low-Post Beds

The name of these beds is derived from the posts at the corner of the frame, which are generally not higher than the headboard or footboard. A decorative finial usually tops the posts. These beds can work for most design styles as well as room sizes, whether you are after an elegant Louis XVI design or a more rustic look.


These beds have a split personality because they are used as a sofa during the day, but have a twin-size mattress to be used at night for sleeping. They can be used in a family room and also a bedroom.