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The Ultimate Move Out Cleaning Guide

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The last thing you want to do while moving to a new home is leaving your old place dirty and disorganized. Even though there are a lot of things involved in moving, it is always good to consider cleaning the place you have called home for many years before you think of putting it up for sale or returning the keys to the property owner. 

However, this can be an overwhelming process, to say the least, but with the assistance of a Montreal residential cleaning service, everything becomes pretty easy. Having a cleaning checklist will surely help you accomplish the task within the shortest time possible.  

So, are you planning to move into a new home? Here is how to cut the stress and make the move out cleaning process a success.  

Do All Your Packing First

Don’t be tempted to start cleaning before you finish packing all your stuff because you may be forced to clean the house again once you are done with final packing. What is even more important is the fact that you will have much more space to clean efficiently without a lot of stuff lying all over the place and stalling you.

Hire a Professional Cleaning Company

It is always good to hire a Montreal residential cleaning service to do your final cleaning.  The reasoning behind this recommendation is pretty simple; your last cleaning needs to be thorough. 

It is not like any other weekly or monthly cleaning. Experienced residential cleaning experts know where dirt and grime build-up and the special areas to focus on. They also have the right cleaning equipment and products for every room.

 If you were renting/leasing the house and you hire a professional cleaning company to do the final cleaning, there will be even a higher probability of you receiving your rental/lease bond back. 

Clean from Top to Bottom

Start your final cleaning by getting rid of cobwebs and dust from the ceilings. Be sure to cover your nose and mouth with a scarf to avoid exposing yourself to potential health risks. You can use a ladder to clean the ceilings or simply place a good rag over your mop and carefully tie the corners of the rag to the pole to come up with a makeshift, long-handled duster. 

Once you are done with the ceiling, clean the walls properly before you finish with the floor.

Clean Task-by-Task, not Room-by-Room

While some people advocate for room-by-room cleaning, the method is not quite efficient. Instead, try out the task-by-task cleaning technique, which is pretty easy and efficient. 

For instance, if you have equipped yourself with furniture polish and a soft cloth, be sure to take care of all the furniture pieces in the house other than focusing on the ones in the living room alone.

Scrub Bathrooms Last

Given the fact that you and the other family members will still be visiting the bathrooms during the entire time, it is always good to clean them last. Of course, they may be quite filthy by the time you are done, but some deep cleaning will get the surfaces spotless and glowing.