Things to do Before Running a Marathon

The day just before the marathon can be very stressful. If this is your first marathon, you might have prepared for it for weeks and months, and with the ultimate test less than 24 hours away, it is completely natural to feel a little anxious. Here are five things that you should definitely do before running a marathon.

If you run regularly, it is only a matter of time before you’ll start aiming to run in races. Most runners generally begin with the local 5K and build their way up to a 10K. If you just love running, you might also do a half or even a full marathon in the future. If you’ve just recently started running, it can take several months to reach to a point when you are ready for your first marathon.

But now that you’ve worked really hard for the last few months and the ultimate test is just less than 24 hours away, it is totally natural to feel a little anxious. But even in this restless and excited state of mind, you cannot miss adding the last final touches to your preparation. Here are five essential things that you should definitely do before running a marathon-

  1. Keep Yourself Hydrated

A day before the race, it is essential to keep yourself hydrated. Most experts suggest that you should drink at least half a gallon or about eight glasses of water in a day. But if you are about to run a marathon, you can increase the intake up to 9-12 glasses of water.

Avoid going above this limit as overhydration is bad too. A simple way to know if you are adequately hydrated is by checking the colour of your urine. If it is light yellow, your body is suitably hydrated.

  1. Load Carbohydrates

If you have been serious with your marathon preparation, you might already be consuming a lot of carbohydrates. Experts mention that marathon runners should get about 75% of their daily calorie intake from carbohydrates when they are close to the marathon.

If the marathon is just tomorrow, consume high-carbohydrate meals in your breakfast, lunch, and dinner and give special attention to the dinner. You should consume at least 8gms. of carbohydrates for every kilogram of your body weight. For instance, if you weigh 75kgs, you should consume around 600 grams of carbs in a day.

  1. Recheck Your Marathon Kit

You might have already started preparing your race-day kit a few days in advance. The best way to prepare a kit for a marathon is by listing all the things you’ll need. Some of the most important things to have include running top and shorts, timing chip, bib number, sunscreen, energy bar, pain relief spray or gel, anti-chafe product, GPS watch or wristwatch, and race fuels.

It is generally recommended that the best way to know what you’ll need in your marathon kit is by wearing a sample kit for a few trial runs as the needs of every runner can be different. Once the kit is ready, check it once again before the big day to make sure that you’ve covered everything.

  1. Re-work Your Strategy

You might already be thorough with the race course by now. It is only when you thoroughly know what you can expect in the course of the marathon that you can work on a strategy. Check the elevations, hills, water stations, weather, etc. to know what the course would be like.

A lot of people also drive through the entire race circuit to get a better idea. If you are planning the same, a day before the race can be a good time.

  1. Just Relax

While you might be feeling nervous and excited, there is no need to stress yourself. Once you have taken care of the essentials like the marathon kit and its contents like marathon shoes, running clothes, etc. and are done with the carbs and strategy, try to relax as much as possible.

Just hang out with your friends, listen to your favourite music, read, and get a good night sleep. If you have prepared well, there is no reason why you’ll not give your best tomorrow.

Ready for the Marathon Day

While there are many other tips to follow a day before the marathon, the ones mentioned above are some of the most important. Follow them religiously, and you are sure to do brilliantly.