Tips on Safe Mobile Banking


Banking has become more convenient these days. Unlike in the past where you need to be physically present at a bank to get your transactions done, technology has made it possible for people to do banking remotely. Today, with the wide use of smartphones, there is now an option to do banking on their mobile devices. While this is easy and convenient, one must also bear in mind that there are still the usual security risks that he may be exposing himself to when using this option. Being aware of how to keep yourself safe when you use your bank’s mobile banking facility is critical towards protecting yourself and your funds.

Mobile banking allows you to use your phone the same way you would a computer to access your bank’s facilities and perform transactions through the medium. For smartphone users, they are often required to download a specific app for their bank that they can easily and conveniently use to access the services that their bank offers. Below are some tips to ensure mobile banking safety at all times.

Only use the official app

If you are using an app for the mobile banking, make sure that it is indeed the official app for your bank. The last thing you want is to input your personal and financial information over an app that has not been properly verified. If you are not quite sure whether the app you are about to download is the right one or not, always contact your bank ahead of time.

Make it a point to download the app from official stores too. Avoid downloading apps from unknown sources or unofficial ones as you are only exposing yourself to unnecessary risks.

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Keep your phone up to date

In order for the apps to properly work, be mindful of the needed updates that it requires. This allows the operating system of your smartphone to be calibrated to work seamlessly with the app. You can avoid issues and bugs when you take the time to get the updates done. It is hard to miss them though as the provider will often send notifications to your phone to remind you when it is time for one. Make sure to stay up to date with anti-virus software as well.

Maximise security controls

Before you will decide to remove any security control that has already been set up on your device, make sure first that it is not going to expose you to unwanted risks too. For instance, rooting or jail-breaking the phone is not a very good idea. This will cause the device security to weaken and hence, will cause you to get exposed to unwanted risks. Besides, there are banks that may even restrict you from accessing their banking facilities when you are on a rioted or jail-broken device.

Keep your passwords to yourself

Never ever share your passwords. Never ever provide your login and other security details to anybody too. Make sure that these are also not stored on your phone. Locking your phone or tablet is also a good way of better securing it and your baking records.

Mobile banking has made life easier, but if not done right, it can have potential risks too. Learn more about the need for secure banking by reading about Irfan Qadir Banker online.