Top 10 Dinner Party Essentials


Hosting friends at your home is a wonderful experience for any seasoned home cook. Showing off your latest culinary creations to the people you love is one of the joys of hosting. But what constitutes as the perfect dinner party?

What Makes a Good Dinner Party?

The food, of course, has to look and taste wonderful but what about the room itself? A dining room is where you eat meals with your family and friends, talk about your week and welcome people into your home. There are many different pieces of furniture that embellish a dining room, including large tables, serving platters and high gloss sideboards.


White gloss sideboards can have multiple doors and come in different dimensions so they’ll fit in with your dining room aesthetic. Choose any colour sideboard that you like that matches your room, but white gloss sideboards in particular have a squeaky clean look about then, and besides, white matches anything!

But why choose a sideboard for your dining room? Sideboards (or buffet) can add drama to an otherwise dull room. It can fill in awkward spaces by walls and make a room look complete. Sideboards often display your serve ware (the really nice stuff) and is a great place to put general tableware. Sideboards can also be used to serve food which can be useful if you don’t have a large dinner table.

If you haven’t got a dining room or it’s not quite big enough, sideboards can also be placed in the living room and be used to store electronics or general ornaments.

Sideboards are beautiful by themselves but sometimes they need a little brightening up. There are many ways you can start styling a sideboard to add to the character of your room.

Dinner Party Essentials

So, you have your sideboard, now you need to make sure you have everything else, so your dining room is kitted out ready for new guests. Here’s a list of 10 dinner party essentials:

  • Don’t forget a table! It’s best to get one that extends so you can welcome more guests without it constantly taking up too much space.
  • You’ll not only want dinner table chairs but perhaps also some arm chairs, so guests can sit and relax if they’re not eating.
  • Display cabinets are always nice if you’re using your sideboard for something else. It’s a great way to show off the nice china.
  • A serving trolley to cart beautiful tarts, cakes and other treats on.
  • Napkins – guest will need something to mop up those mucky mouths after your tasty food!
  • A bookshelf or cd rack for guests to have a mooch through and play pleasant music throughout.
  • A wine rack and selection of glasses for different drinks (and of course the drinks to go in them!)
  • A wall clock, these are great in all rooms, so you can keep track of the time.
  • A decorative rug to make the room look bigger and more inviting.
  • Entertainment – your guests need to be kept occupied throughout the party with good chat and laughs. Perhaps a spot of piano playing before pudding too?

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