Top Horse Racing Tips for Beginners


Horse racing is exciting. Watching a favorite horse race around the track is sure to give a spectator an adrenaline rush, this is especially true if the spectator has a bet on that horse. Many beginners who want to place a bet, simply choose a horse with a name they like and they place a wager. However, there are better ways to choose who to bet on. The following are the top expert horse racing tips for beginners.

Straight Wagers

The easiest type of wager for the beginner is the straight wager. The straight wager means that you choose a horse and bet on it to either win, place, or show. To win, the horse must come in first. To place the horse must come in first or second. To show the horse must come in first, second or third. The other common type of wager is the exotic wager. The exotic wager is more complex and expensive, those new to racing should still with the straight wager.

Do Your Homework

Take some time to observe the races. Don’t bet, but research instead. Learn which horse does well at certain tracks. See which horse and jockey combination have been successful. Study the Daily Racing Form. This form will have information on how all the horses that are racing have been performing. Take time to learn the common racing terms so that you won’t feel lost when you attend the races. Use this information to help you make your bets.


To increase the odds of winning, bet on favorites. The favorites win over 30 percent of the time. Just don’t expect a big payout if you bet on a favorite. The payouts on favorites are low, but for the beginner, winning on one of these low-paying favorites is still very exciting.

Check Out the Paddock

The paddock is where the horses are kept before the race. Arrive early enough to give yourself time to check out the paddock. You can judge which horses look strong and ready to race, and which may look like they’re not really into it that day. If you get a good feel about a horse while you’re down there, put a couple of dollars on him.

Stick to a budget

Betting on the horses is not a way to make a living. Bet for fun and make sure that you’re only betting what you can afford to lose. Set a budget and stick to it. Once you’ve spent the allotted money, walk away. It might just not be your day to win at the races. Go home, regroup and come back another day.

Now that you have some horse racing basics, try your hand at picking the winning horse. If after your research, you’re still undecided, you can always choose the horse with the great name, or the one that has the best colors. You never know, your hunch just might pay off. Just enjoy the races and have a Wonderful day out.