Why AYANA Resort and Spa, BALI is the World’s Best Hotel Spa


Apart from being awarded the 5 star rating for being the best resort, in fact the only resort to be crowned as a five star out of the 178 resorts all over the world, AYANA’s spa complex was also voted as Indonesia’s Best Hotel Spa at the 2016 World Spa Awards.

Taking a closer look at the spa services offered at the resort and there is no doubt that theyare thoughtfully designed to promote harmony of the guest and ensure maximum relaxation. Below is two of the best spa treatments offered at AYANA’s.

1.      The Spa facial treatments

·         ThermesMarins Skin Cleaning Facial

This is a thorough cleansing facial treatment that eliminates toxins and revives tired skin leaving one with an increased inner glow of wellbeing.

·         AYANA Facial

It’s a refreshing and all-natural facial that uses Mother Nature’s best ingredientswhich include fresh yoghurt, oatmeal, natural honey and the egg whites.

·         Collagen Facial

The marine collagen enhanced with protective anti-pollutant properties are used to regenerate, moisturize and restore the skin elasticity which leaves it soft and radiant.

·         ThermesMarinsAnti-Aging Facial

The professional spa team at AYANA has thoughtfully crafted the ultimate treatment known as the ‘ThermesMarins Anti-Aging Facial’ which enhances both the inner and outer beauty.

The treatment involves being pampered for 1 hours and 15 minutes as the therapist expertly applies nourishing undersea elements together with natural botanicals like roses which help in energizing and restoring the skin’s suppleness.

2.     The Spa Body Treatments

·         Frangipani Charm

This 90- minute treatment makes good use of the sweet fragrance of Balinese frangipani and theplumeria flowers that are always blooming at the resort.

The treatment starts with a relaxing frangipani foot soak, rice powder, frangipani and a sandalwood scrub which removes the old skin cells and softens the skin.

The Frangipani charm is very effective in helping your skin maintain a youthful glow which in turn translates to a deeper sense of well-being with eased tension, an improved blood circulation and the elimination of toxins stored in your lymphatic system.

·         The Hand and Foot Harmony

This involves a 75 minute massage and beautifying spa treatment that starts with a warm hand and foot tension releasing wrap accompanied by an authentic age old reflexology acupressure massage.

The hand and foot tension releasing treatment is specially designed to achieve harmony by leaving the entire body feeling as relaxed as the happy hands and feet.

·         Island Heritage

In line with being the best spa in bali, AYANA offers the‘Island Heritage’ which is a splendid 75-minute treatment that showcases the powerful and exotic ingredients of the Bali’s island lifestyle.

The AYANA’s therapists offer a hand-crafted scrub to soften and nourish the skin with rice powder, sandalwood, and the exotic ylangylang flowersthat yield a high fragrant essential oil. After the full body exfoliation, one undergoes a relaxing Balinese massage aimed at moisturizing; re-invigorate circulation and promoting the awesome sense of well-being through the gentle detoxification.

·         Enchanted Forest

This is a 100-minute full body treatment that gets its inspiration from the soothing interiors of the RIMBA Rooftop Spa. The deep relaxing body massage offered involves Balinese style long strokes together with the Hawaiian lomi-lomi technique which eliminates stress and increases the lymphatic drainage.

The treatment also involves an aromatherapy herbal balm to ensure the skin is intensely moisturized. After one has attained a heavenly state of relaxation, the skin is then polished to perfection using a smooth body scrub made from sandalwood, hibiscus and frangipani.

·         Waxing

AYANA spa utilizes the finest imported products to offer an extensive selection of waxing treatments which includes the facial, body and bikini specific areas. Waxing is available for men and women.

·         The Detox Body Treatment

The detox body treatment eliminates toxins by promoting increased blood circulation which enhances the skin tone.

The treatment begins with a body wrap of Detox Algae Paste which targets the congested pockets of tissue thereby activating the elimination of toxins. After that the entire body is wrapped in a heated blanket to maximize the absorption of the paste.

One also enjoys a face and scalp massage before takinga shower then followed by a 40-minute full-body detox massage using the blend of essential oils such as the sweet almond, rosemary, peppermint and cypress.

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