Why diamonds are the best for engagement


Diamond rings are the first thing a man thinks of when he wants to propose to his special someone. He generally thinks, all he must do is visit a store, checkout the rings, choose one, pay and be forever happy. But, once he enters the shop, he is in for a surprise! The number of choices will baffle him, and he would wish someone would help him choose the best diamond ring for his fiancee. There are designs in gold and silver, solitaires and vintage, cluster of diamonds or other stones are studded to enhance its value. Even if you were to seek the help of someone, here is a checklist on choosing the best diamond rings.

  1. Know how much you are willing to spend

            You love your girlfriend to the moon and back,  but let’s face it, your bank balance is not enough to buy the most expensive ring. Knowing how much you are willing to spend is essential as it will help narrow down the choices.

  1. Know your partner’s taste

        Every woman has certain likes and dislikes when it comes to her rings, though diamonds are definitely her best friends. Once you check an online store, chances are there are going to be choices beyond your understanding. Recruit a female friend or sister or another relative to help you choose one.

  1. Know the four Cs

          Get your technical knowledge about buying diamonds right when you go out to buy the perfect ring for your perfect partner. The four Cs are Carat denoting weight, Colour – colourless have higher  value, Clarity – free of  blemishes will be more expensive and the Cut – the most valued cut is the brilliant round.

  1. Know the size

         This is one mistake most men are bound to make,  not knowing the size of your beloved’s ring finger. You are going to spend a fortune on  the ring, and a loose ring  is bound to be lost. Put on your thinking cap to know  the actual size before you go ahead and buy the engagement ring.

  1. Know the right way to store

           If your girlfriend is in a job that requires using hands in a rough manner like a lab where there  is excessive use of chemicals, or she loves to cook, be smart. Gift her a beautiful, fabric-lined box for the ring. She will have reason to value it, and store the ring carefully.

  1. Know the right shop

           With the number of online stores increasing day-by-day, which one do you trust? Read customer reviews, check out the descriptions of the products, zoom the images in and out and check them carefully. Ensure they have a secure payment gateway and offer a certification with every purchase!

  1. Know the return policy

          Even if you have found the perfect diamond ring online, look at the return policy of the seller before investing in one. What if the ring does not fit or does not look as gorgeous as it did in the images. Knowing the return policy is a must before making the purchase.

  1. Know the brands

       There are so many brands available online it is easy to remain decided. Some brands are world-renowned others cater to distinct Indian requirements. End of the day, choose a brand meeting your requirements of quality, design and cost.

Once you have finalized the ring, it is now time to plan the proposal. Keep in mind, the value of the ring will grow with time, but so will the sentiment attached to the way you propose. Be adventurous, think creatively and when you propose with the perfect ring, get ready for a life of love and happiness.


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