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Why is mthfr test important?

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Many people are suspected to have a mutation in one of their two important alleles. MTHFR C677T leads to high homocysteine levels in the body. MTHFR C677T is very difficult to identify clinically because apart from this there are many other things which influence the homocysteine levels of the body. Mutation of this allele is said to have a greater impact on the body as compared to other alleles. Another allele MTHFR A1298C is said to have no effect on homocysteine levels of the body.

Functions of MTHFR gene

The mthfr gene helps in making the enzyme called methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase, which helps in the processing of building blocks of the proteins known as amino acids. In our day to day life, our body is detoxifying daily from the pollution, the food we eat and the medication we take. Proper methylation is very necessary for the continuous detox process. Before taking DNA methylation proper knowledge of mutation is very important you must know what mutation you have in which type of mutation your body is suffering from and then only you can take the DNA methylation. MTHFR test can be conducted to know about mutation.

MTHFR and diseases

Most of the diseases we suffer from are caused due to the set of genes of our body. When you have you mutation inclined towards a particular disease you have more chances of suffering from that particular disease. The process of methylation in the body can suppress the genes which are carrying out the mutation process. The diseases which are controlled by a set of genes include cancer, cardiovascular diseases, mental illness, and diabetes. MTHFR gene mutation can be carried out in order to check this. Bad genes which cause mutation in the body can be silenced through the process of methylation. In order to suppress the diseases, you must have good methylation in the body; methylation also helps you to silence the bad genes which are going to cause you diseases which you inherited from your parents.