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Why the Need of Treatment of Water

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Treatment of water is compulsory now days because of polluting environment. We must do proper treatment of water because there are lots of water problems. Following are the water problems faced by the people across the world:

Hard water

One of the major water problem face by people across the world. This hard water is created when the water passes through the passage where there is formation of rocks and catches extra calcium and magnesium from that place and converts into hard water. This hard water cannot be used for personal use as washing, drinking, bathing, etc because of scum present on this.

Water problem: IRON

Iron water is that water problem face by most of the people because there is near about 5% of iron present in crust of earth. Therefore, this water problem can be easily found in all types of supplies in water. This type of water has ability to produce stains on tubs, sinks and on many other appliances. The taste of iron water is not good.

Total dissolved solids

This water problem cause horrible and bad taste in water. The fact is that more the solid content, more the unpleasant taste of water. This water can damage your water heaters and water appliances in short period of time.

Toxic Chemicals

 There are large numbers of chemicals present in water such as TCE, PCB, THM, PCE, herbicides and these all chemicals are not good for health. These chemicals must be removing through the process of water treatment as many of these chemicals can cause serious diseases like cancer.

Chlorine water

The smell and taste of water converts into unpleasant when there is addition of chlorine in water. It can cause irritation in eyes also.

These are some water problems faced by the people across the world. So Water treatment is very compulsory else these problems may cause dangerous diseases.