Why you need to use video marketing


Video marketing is one of the most important strategies that brands and businesses are using today. Most of the businesses that have been using this strategy have recorded marginal growth in profits. That tells you, the trend is progressing rapidly and very soon could reach great heights. The fact is that compared to other mechanisms, video marketing gives a better return on investment (ROI). You may ask whether this is still applicable to your business and the response is that, your competitors are attracting your customers through it. It is a worthy venture to consider if you are to be competitive in your offerings.

What are the benefits of using videos in marketing?

Videos boost conversions and sales

Videos are attractive and thus many viewers would be interested in getting to view that there is. Research has shown that adding a video in your landing pages could increase conversions by over eighty percent. In fact, the use of videos would lead to direct sales. When you have explained videos, it is easy for your prospects to understand your offerings, again, engagement is boosted tremendously and therefore it is easy for them to buy.

Video shows lead to great Return on investment (ROI)

Statistics show that those businesses using videos as a marketing strategy have realized increased sales and therefore the returns are high. Every business wants to get as many returns as possible and therefore video marketing is a perfect solution to this.  Video production is not very cheap and it’s quite tasking, however, the results are very pleasant. You will need to invest some good amount for video production and assimilation. But when that is done, then, in a few hours, you’ll begin to reap from the investment. The good thing with this strategy is that the videos don’t have to be perfect, you only need a good designer like Bordertown Films and you’re sorted.

Video builds trust

The foundation of conversions and sales in business is trust. With content marketing, the concept here is trust and it’s about creating long-term relationships. You only need to provide interesting and useful information and the people will come looking for you. You have to stop selling and begin attracting – this can perfectly be achieved through video marketing. Videos are engaging, they ignite emotions, and therefore as a business, you cannot ignore such and expect to make a cut amongst the competition. Some customers are quite skeptical about buying a product online due to the fraud and cheating associated with the platform. However, effective marketing videos are a perfect way of presenting the products or services in a conversational form. Thus, they can trust what you’re offering.

Google loves videos

Any online marketer’s objective is always to present their content in a way that is acceptable and pleasant to search engines and mainly Google. Videos would increase the time spent by customers on your site. This leads to long exposure and thus trust is built. The search engines receive a signal that your site has quality content and therefore would rank highly on the search engine.

If your business has to remain relevant and earn profits even in the midst of the ever-stiff market competition, you must embrace video marketing as one of the main strategies. Click here and get quality videos from the best production company.