How to Explore Conference Venues


You will be pleased to learn that the conference venue renting business is at its height of competition. After all, renting spaces that are suitable for all sorts of gatherings, be it for small private occasions or for large business events, is ideal for property owners to offset their maintenance costs.

At the end of that equation, the customer gets to enjoy more features at a lower cost. All that remains for you to do is to employ the proper criteria to pick out just the right conference venue out of hundreds on offer.

  • Space Size

Generally, the biggest hit your conference venue budget will suffer is from the size of the chosen space. However, if the space doesn’t have integrated seating already, it may be somewhat difficult to determine how many people would comfortably fit the space. The easy way to calculate this is to reserve about 10-12 square feet per each conference attendee. Also, keep in mind that spaces without integrated seating will be cheaper to rent, and be more flexible regarding the chair allocation and arrangement.

  • Adjacent Amenities

If you are aiming for a full service package, consider renting a conference space in a building that has all kinds of extra services, like bars, recreational areas, restaurants, or even small shops. This will remove the cost of hiring a catering service, but will narrow down your options significantly, since only larger complexes will be so convenient. Furthermore, they will be more in demand, so pick them out way ahead of your conference event.

  • Tech Support

Smooth-running audio-visual support is not only important for scientifically-minded conferences, but for any business-focused gathering that requires visual representation of data. The equipment should be intuitive and easy to use, so all of your guests and keynote speakers can participate at a moment’s notice.

Established conference venues have this down to a T.

  • Accessible Location

A big factor in ensuring that all conference attendees arrive on time is to not burden them with extra travel time, traffic congestion, and a lack of parking space. There is only one way to figure this out, and that is to use a powerful aggregate search tool, like the VenueFinder. For instance, if you were to look up all available Nottingham conference venues, you will be able to filter through all the relevant location and transportation criteria, not to mention have an ample gallery of the conference’s interior and exterior.

Lastly, don’t forget that the main purpose of a conference venue is to facilitate social and business networking between the attendees. After all, you would want to make an impression so that attendees will be glad to come in the future, and further expand your social footprint and outreach. To that end, it is critical that this occurs within a comfortable and safe space. One that is easy to get to, and is preferably in proximity to affordable lodgings and restaurants. Of all the tools at your disposal, the VenueFinder aggregation tool is certainly among the most useful ones to achieve that goal.

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