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Wednesday, 05 September 2012 06:52

How to start a dry cleaning business

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Are you interested in starting your own drycleaning business? Here are the basic things you need: a place of business, permits and licenses to operate your business, machinery to do most of your work, and a great customer relation service.

Although it looks as if drycleaning isn’t such a lucrative business practice, it’s really one of the most versatile ventures one could get into.

A drycleaning business can start off very small, and it has great potentials for growth and expansion. Plus, the fact that most everyone needs the service of a good neighborhood dry cleaning makes it an ideal entrepreneurial practice. A dry cleaning service can also have laundry service, but not all laundry services have dry cleaning services. So what are the basic things you need to start this business?

Your first priority is to find a place to set up your shop. This is not a typical home-based business which you can operate in your basement or garage. You really need a distinctive place to set up a dry cleaning business; preferably, some place that gets a lot of foot traffic. Foot traffic can bring in lots of customers, and the more customers you have the more varied there dry cleaning need becomes. Also, you need a space large enough to accommodate your machinery and equipments. A large storage area is also needed to store the chemicals you will need for dry cleaning. Basically, you need to formulate an efficient working lay-out for your dry cleaning business. You need to have a reception and pick-up area, a sorting area, an area for your dry cleaning machines, an area for pressing clothes, an area for hanging and labeling clothes, a packaging area, etc.

You can start this business small, perhaps only offering the basic dry cleaning services to your market. The wonderful thing about the dry cleaning business is that it leaves a lot of room for business development and growth. For example, for simple dry cleaning service, you can then offer sewing and repair services (which will need an in-house seamstress or garment sewer); or you can offer pick-up and delivering service (which will need a vehicle and a delivery person.)

Other types of dry cleaning expansion work include: alteration services, boxing and storing, coin laundry, dyeing house hold items cleaning, shoe repair and even wedding gown restoration.

Once you have your place of business, make sure you have licenses and permits to operate. Don’t hack into the system with a hack business because that’s exactly what you will tend to get: noting but hack. Make your business legal, and your clients will flock to your shop in droves.

In order to give your client speedy services on their dry cleaning needs, you will have to invest big time on machinery, equipment and chemicals. machinery include dry cleaning baths like washers, dryer and pressing equipment including sorting bins, hanger lines and garment coverings. Chemicals are essential in all dry cleaning processes, and you must at least be well vast on how to safely use them without damaging the fabric or health of your workers.

Often, people patronize dry cleaning businesses that are close to their home or to their work areas. Developing great customer relations with your patrons and compliant-free services are ways of establishing your business. It is also the subtle kind of advertising, yet it is the most effective. If your patrons are happy with your business, they might even make referrals to everyone they know. This beats making promos and giving away freebies.

For machinery, laundry & dry cleaning set up and project management, call the project desk on 01-8726235, 08028396891 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (strictly by appointment).

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Don't pay franchise fees. Reach out to us and let's discuss how our past experience can make you feel confident about opening your dry cleaning business.

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Quality of customer service

Any of the customers of our drycleaning establishments throughout Nigeria has direct access to a Customer Service via the internet to which he can address any opinions, suggestions, recommendations or any other matters of interest.

We consider personal communication to be a matter of priority if we are to continue learning and progressing Specifically trained staff also provides direct communication via a customer service hot line available in Laundrette Point.

Quality through our technology

The machinery we sell to dry cleaning establishments is environment friendly using latest generation technology. The Laundrette Point machines which are mostly powered by electricity rather than gas are the following.

The stain removal cabinet, a key element of cleaning system, uses two types of light, white light and ultraviolet light to reveal invisible stains. It incorporates special stain removal devices and extraction systems to facilitate the work of dry cleaning.

The drycleaning machine is used for all garments requiring this type of cleaning process and has a leak prevention device. It uses a closed circuit (to prevent environmental contamination), activated carbon filters, a chilled solvent (to protect dispersion and consequent damage to delicate fabrics) and an automatic drying control system (which also prevents the smell of chemical products).

The dry cleaning machine is computer programmed for each type of garment or fabric and the detergents used are biodegradable.

The washing machine guarantees professional cleaning which 

is especially important for delicate garments that need to be washed in water after first having any stains removed. The washing machine therefore uses detergents which complement. If necessary, the initial stain removal process.

The drying machine has been designed with a smooth drum which is ideal for not marking or deforming fabrics. It has four special programs for each fabric to prevent the formation of creases at the end of the process.

The mannequin, which is exclusive to Laundrette Point consulting is used for processing, allows the original shape of the garment to be restored without damaging the fibers. It is suitable for mannequin uses dry steam to remove creases and facilitate the subsequent process of processing. A two way iron has recently been incorporated into the mannequin to save energy and give a better finish.

The bagging machine, which places garments in semi anatomical bags, isolates them thus conserving total hygiene.

Quality of marketing

Our drycleaning establishments carry out promotion campaigns, with gifts, discounts, the cleaning of 2 garments for the price of 1, loyalty cards and many others during the course of the year with the aim of thanking and awarding the customers who entrust their garments to us.

Quality of research and development

The quality of research & development (R&D) department collaborates with a number of world class fibre and product manufacturers to develop the best techniques for cleaning and conserving textile and leather articles.

One of the recent lines of study focuses on the recycling of the water used in the various machines with the view to reducing consumption and helping to preserve the environment.

Our studies on the organization and improvement of the processes and techniques used in our client’s shops are covered by Laundrette Point consulting operational manuals which are regularly updated.

Quality of training


The work in each of our quality drycleaning establishments is done by qualified specialists. The training of our client’s staff is usually 3 months to attain professional laundry and dry cleaning techniques.

Theoretical and practical training at the start followed by periodic refresher courses allows staff to acquire maximum, up to date knowledge of Laundrette Point consulting exclusive techniques for stain removal, cleaning and pressing.

Quality for the environment

Laundrette Point consulting makes it possible for topquality cleaning and hygiene

to be compatible with the environment. The machinery we sell has been designed using leading edge technology.

Our drycleaning machines have a closed circuit to prevent leaks of the cleaning product (perchloroethylene) and activated carbon fibres and they comply with the most rigorous of the international regulations.

In addition, the stain removal products and detergents we recommend are nontoxic, biodegradable and also comply with the main international standards.

Quality of decoration

Laundrette Point consulting drycleaning establishments place the emphasis on light and space, so that customers can see how qualified staff treat their garments and carry out the various processes from stain removal and cleaning to bagging. The work done thus becomes an additional point of interest.

In order to optimize the quality of the service provided, the establishments are periodically cleaned and directed.

These cleaning boutiques are far from the usual, industrial image of a drycleaning establishment. This is achieved by placing the accent on light and space in order, above all, to make quality work compatible with customer convenience.

Snapshot of some of our clients







As a leader in laundry & dry cleaning setup, we are laundry & dry cleaning project managing firm based in Lagos, Nigeria. Our services are as follow:

  • Laundry & dry cleaning setup
  • Training 
  • Installation 
  • Repair
  • Support
  • Management
  • Machinery sales 

We are truly international in background and experience and have a wealth of hand-on business know-how.




For enquiries, please send us an e-mail to  pay careful attention to indicate the nature of your enquiry. The purpose of the mail is to allow us to process, and respond to your enquiry as fast as possible. If you would find a call more convenient than writing out your enquiry, please call us on Tel: 01-8726235, 08028396891


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