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4 Activities That Promote Right Brain Training For Children & Toddlers 

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Parents need to take advantage of helping their child maximise their learning and unlock their brain power at a young age. Teaching a child at home after school or during weekends is often a reliable method that needs a proper approach. Nevertheless, many parents find these tasks challenging without taking them to a centre specialising in Heguru in Singapore.

Encouraging a child to learn early is often a struggle for every parent. However, unlocking the right brain can be beneficial for creativity and holistic learning. It is not easy to teach a child on your own. Nevertheless, knowing the right brain training activities can help stimulate and unleash your child’s potential. Here’s what you can do:

Use visual cues 

Using visual cues can be impactful in helping your child’s understanding, especially when doing a Heguru method. The right brain is known to use when making sense of visual imagery. Thus training your child to correlate concepts and words with visual imagery can be a good practice. Even baby classes in Singapore utilise the said technique. Training your child with visual cues and associating them with words can help strengthen their ability to process information faster.

Introduce the concept of choice

Introducing the concept of choice to your child or toddler gives them the idea of having ‘options’ and allows them to be more logical and creative with it. For example, you may let them design their room or choose a book to read for bedtime. It helps them learn and understand their preferences earlier, which helps shape their understanding of their choices and themselves as they grow.

Motivate them to learn

When it comes to right brain development activities for babies and toddlers, help them increase their appetite to learn. More classes and parents are looking for ways to adopt techniques to use the right brain for processing information. One thing you can do is encourage their playful exploration and elicit their curiosity. Social interaction and training communication is also a must for motivation.

Emphasise creative and artsy activities

Artistic expression is another vital domain that your little ones should have the chance to explore. It serves as an integral for giving them an outlet for expressing emotions and feelings that are sometimes difficult to express in words. Art forms can also promote a healthy way of conveying strong human emotions, and it’s critical that your child has the outlet to help them foster creativity and be healthy to communicate themselves. 
If you are looking for the right brain training in Singapore for your child, visit Heguru Method’s website for more details.