An Introduction to Heat Sealing and Bag Sealing Machines


With more bag sealers and heat sealers now available on the market than ever before and more companies within a range of industries realising their amazingness and effectiveness, today we are here to provide everyone with the basic details surrounding bag and heat sealers that we think they should know!

Heat and bag sealers are available in a plethora of options and can in turn serve a vast selection of industries – Just some of the popular types of bag and heat sealers include industrial heat sealers, tabletop heat sealers with cutters and handheld heat sealers suitable for home use.

What is a heat sealer?  

Heat sealers, also referred to as bag sealers are machines used to seal plastic and polythene bags of all sizes and styles. As well as bags, these machines can be used to seal other plastics and polythenes such as tubing which is commonly sealed to ensure all inside contents are protected.

These machines are available in a whole selection of sizes and can therefore be used to seal even the largest of bags and products, they are also available in a range of different styles including machines with different heat levels and machines that utilise other types of film including bespoke, printed shrink film.

Heat and bag sealers can be both rented and purchased in the UK, with one leading supplier, Sontex, offering all of their high quality and spectacular shrink-wrapping machines at incredibly low prices for all to take advantage of.

Anyone requiring more information or with any questions in regards to heat sealing that they would like answering should visit the Sontex website today where they will no doubt be able to find all of the information that they are looking for and more.

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