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My Data Centre Solution Provider’s Facilities Management Service Experience

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Technology has been an integral part of many businesses and companies today. Most people today use smartphones and computers daily. And who hasn’t had a social media account today? All data is now digitally stored. But where? All electronic information is stored and exchanged at data centres built or maintained by a data centre solution provider.

Our company is one of those that needed data centres. A data centre is a facility that shelters equipment and hardware pieces called computer servers. Computer servers are the core and heart of our telecommunication and IT systems.

Since computer servers are still pieces of equipment that run on electricity, they generate heat whilst operating. Servers must run 24/7. When it runs for a long time, there is a risk of overheating. It will shut down the entire operations of our media intelligence company which rely on computers heavily.

The purpose of data centres is to prevent the situation from happening. The facility provides the optimal solution to keep these servers running. Our company has a data centre, but the problem is we cannot maintain it ourselves. So, we decided to hire a data centre construction and maintenance company.


Maintaining data centres is not easy. It requires money, consistency, and expertise; otherwise, the operations the data centre supports may suffer. 

In our company’s case, the most significant part of data centre maintenance is to guarantee an uninterruptible power supply throughout the year. We ensure it by having backup generators and batteries in case of a power outage. Speaking of generators and power outages, we regularly test our batteries and generators to ensure they are working correctly.

Temperature is also a critical part of data centres. A prefabricated data centre is well-air-conditioned like a giant fridge, as the low temperature reduces the risk of server overheating. Data centre maintenance providers also make sure that your air conditioning units are working perfectly.

Included in the checklist of a DC Builder in Singapore is the security of the building. Data centre solution providers ensure that the premises follow the safety standards in fire protection and security. 

They equip the facility with emergency exits, fire alarms, hydrants, sprinklers, and fire extinguishers around the facility. Proper lighting and CCTV installations are also part of the security standards.


Hiring a data centre solution provider freed our hands from these maintenance tasks. Acme Associates, our data centre solution provider, provided us with preventive maintenance service and facility management services.

With the preventive maintenance service, our provider guarantees no unforeseen technical lapses in our equipment. They also make sure to extend the life span of our servers. 

On the other hand, the facilities management services ensure that expert professional technicians oversee our facility 24/7. Should issues arise in the critical infrastructure, we can count on them, and the issues will be solved at the earliest time possible with expert technicians in the data centres.


If your company also looks for a data centre solution provider, we highly recommend Acme Associates. They are the best in their league, and we never regret choosing them. Visit Acme Associates today.