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Road To A Successful Career: A Student’s Guide To Career Counselling

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Even though becoming an adult sounds incredible, as seen in films and series, there are many things that children do not know about adulthood. While it is true that an adult has more power, freedom, and money than children, getting those three comes with a price. Some adults even wish they had gone through career counselling so they would become more ready for the consequences of their choice. 

Unfortunately, not all schools offer career counselling in Singapore. Some children that come from traditional families have to listen to their parents’ stories and dreams from a young age and let their parents decide for their future. 

But letting that happen is not a great idea since children have to face and experience the future they did not choose. Children nowadays are more intelligent than the generations before. That means they are capable of making the right decisions as long as they have the right coaching and mentoring. And that is where career counselling comes in, and children should attend before choosing a programme for college.  

If you are interested in career counselling but unfamiliar with the term, read this article until the end. You will learn the importance of career counselling in Singapore, things that can happen in a session, and who needs it. 

Part I: What Is Career Counselling?

Career counselling is a type of talk therapy that helps someone know and understand the options they have about choosing their education and career that will affect their life. 

Since students, especially children, lack experience and knowledge about the real world, they require exclusive coaching in Singapore from a professional. It will help open their minds about the path they can take and the possible consequences they have to face with their choice. 

Part II: Why Should A Student Get A Career Counselling?

Even though some children have dreams they want to become when they grow older, these dreams are not set in stone. That means dreams are subject to change.  

With children’s indecisiveness, such things are most likely to happen. They will sometimes change their mind at the last minute, which can cause them to regret their decision. According to research, 90% of people regret making rushed career decisions and getting career counselling can help you get away from that situation. 

Below are the other explanations for why a student should get career counselling in Singapore. 

  1. Help Sets Clear Goals For You

If you ask children what they want to become when they grow up, they often have answers. But when you ask a middle schooler, it takes some time before they can answer something or nothing at all.

Attending a career counselling session can help you set yourself apart from other students and children around you. It may not be right away, but in time it will help you pay attention to yourself and set a clear goal. 

  1. Reduces Options

Whether you have two or more careers that you want to pursue, career counselling sessions in Singapore will help narrow down your options. You should expect that your counsellor will discuss each career path you want, from the job description to the salary range.

  1. Creates Fresh Opportunities

While it is true that the world has more types of jobs than ages ago, some students, especially children, are not aware of that. They only know professions that they often see in films, such as doctors, police officers, pilots, nurses, and teachers.

When you attend a career counselling session, you will know that there are over 12,000 careers that one can choose from as their profession. 

  1. Makes A Map Of The Future

Besides introducing the different types of careers available, a career counsellor will also map the future. It will help you visualise future events if you pursue that career you have in mind.

For instance, if you want to write, your career adviser will inquire about the type of writing you are interested in, such as fiction writing, research writing, copywriting, scriptwriting, or SEO writing.

  1. Prepares You For A Career

Facing the real world without preparation can be challenging. Children might have false ideas about the career they want to take in the future, and attending career counselling sessions can help straighten their views. 

  1. Increases Your Confidence

People only gain confidence when they are ready. A career consultant can also do career coaching in Singapore that can help you become more confident in pursuing your chosen career path.

Your career consultant will let you know about the skills you need to polish and the experience you need to face to have confidence in your career choice.

Part III: What Are The Things That Happen In A Career Counselling Session?

  • Self Introduction

It only happens during your first career counselling. You have to introduce yourself with your name, age, and dream. Your career consultant will also do the same, so you will know who they are and earn your trust. 

  • Take A Career Psychological Examination

Besides the interview with you about your career choice, some career consultants will ask you to take a career psychological examination. Several questions, the majority of which are situational, are included to help them understand the desires of your subconscious mind.

  • Strategic Career Coaching 

It will only happen once you have a career choice. Career coaching will help you become more familiar with the profession you want and how you can excel in it, theoretically.

Part IV:  Who Else Need To Get A Career Counselling?

Career counselling is not only suitable for children but also for those people who want to take a career leap. A career leap means pursuing a different career in life.

Some people seek career counselling to gain enlightenment and become better versions of themselves as they take their careers to the next level. 

Nevertheless, career counselling can help anyone to choose the most suitable career that they will not regret in life. 

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