The Demure Pearls – How to Choose Your Pearl Jewelry?


Owning and wearing pearl jewelry exudes class and sophistication. With proper knowledge of your personality and creativity, you can set a stunning set of pearl jewelry. This will take you higher in the echelons of society. Also, pearls are famous for their fluidity to suit any outfit and occasion.

Natural pearls are rare and very costly. They are formed as a defence mechanism, against any parasite or sand particles that might have entered the oyster shell. It is entirely, luck by chance, for a perfect pearl to form by this and to be found by a diver. Cultured pearls follow the same process, but the irritant is introduced by human intervention. They are easily available and aesthetic to look at.

Types of pearls

There are many different cultured pearls available. You can read the full info here. You can choose from Akoya pearls, Tahitian pearls or the South Sea pearls. Akoya pearls are small and medium sized. Tahitian are famous for their black tones. South Sea pearls are the largest and the most valuable pearls, known for their white and golden colours.

Skin tones

Every skin tone demands a particular set of pearls. If you have a light skin tone, opt for white with cream and rose overtones. If you have an olive skin tone, opt for white with silver overtones or black Tahitian pearls. If you are blessed with a dark skin tone, go for golden and ivory coloured pearls.

Jewelry types

A classic strand of pearls that comes up to your collarbone is a must. A stylish pearl stud or drop earrings add a bit of class to you. You can opt for a delicate bracelet of gold or sterling silver with a pearl clasp. Or, you can opt for a string of pearls around your delicate wrists. Chokers and statement pieces can be added later suiting your taste and requirement.


Pearls are believed to be teardrops of the moon. They have a priceless significance both historically and psychologically. To possess a valuable pearl jewelry means you are part of the creamy class of society.