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1963, when the globe was introduced to the thrills of single malt

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Up till 1963, the globe was eating blended whisky as well as cognac while solitary malt was a Scottish trick. The initial single malt to be ever taken outdoors in Scotland was Glenfiddich which is the reason why we understand the solitary malt category as we know it today.

What’s in a name?

The malt whisky was first called Straight malt and afterward Pure malt. At some point, the term Single malt was coined, which has stuck to us ever since after that in our hearts, and glasses, naturally.

Whisky’s homeland issues

Where a whisky is born, what it’s matured in as well as how old it is, all influence the flavor of the end product. With age comes personality. To certify as a Scotch whisky, it must be at least 3 years old. Water likewise plays a considerable role in the whisky. The Glenfiddich family members have owned the lands around the Robbie Dhu spring for a long time, securing the water forevermore.

Most of all, your scheme is the one to evaluate which expression provides the notes you like.

Straight up: Indulging in single malt scotch neat

Cool or otherwise? It’s totally up to you! Going cool might be the purest way to take pleasure in a single malt; however, it’s not the only method. Including a few declines of water opens up the whisky, as well as opens some of the covert flavors of the dram. At the same time, temperature also plays its part. For example, including ice in the dram makes it an extra rejuvenating drink but can contract its flavors. Another way temperature impacts flavor is through heat. Require time to heat it in your hands and whisky will taste different as it opens and releases new notes. All that matters is that you enjoy your whisky, the means you liked it.

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