3 Reasons Why You Should Still Wear A Watch These Days

If you want to keep the time under control with style, wristwatches are a precise and aesthetically meaningful solution. There are certainly voices who think that wearing wristwatches is outdated in the age of smartphones. Here are the reason or visit https://pendulum.co.th/rolex/rolex-explorer/ to learn more

A Watch As A Style Statement

“One cannot communicate. It means nothing other than that; whether you speak or not, you always send an image of yourself to other people. This constant communication also includes what you wear on your wrist. The reason for this is that wristwatches express the lifestyle you lead in a perceptible way to others. It also shows what attitude you have towards issues such as sustainability, fashion, or money and, of course, who is behind the clock. A watch is not a tool that should define your personality. Wearing one of these can underline your very personal character.

With wristwatches, especially wooden watches, you set an example for an exceptional lifestyle. The naturalness of products and the aspect of sustainability play a significant role for you when buying. The fact that plastic is not produced unnecessarily and then thrown away and that the environment is protected is significant to you, as it is to us. For this reason, we plant at least one new tree for every wooden watch sold in the places in the world where it is most needed – currently in the tropical rainforest of Latin America. Find out more about our project here.

Punctuality Is A Value

You know that for sure: waiting for someone not on time is annoying. Being unpunctual is a sign of a lack of respect for others; it can also often put you in awkward situations. Missing appointments, deadlines, or important meetings quickly leads you into trouble that could have easily been avoided. For this purpose, wristwatches give you the secure feeling of always being master of your own time. Even from the corner of your eye, a look at your wrist gives you the certainty of how you are currently on schedule. This significantly reduces the likelihood of missing necessary appointments or disturbing others by being unpunctual.

Living In The Here And Now

We want to remind you and as many other people as possible to live in the here and now and consciously enjoy the moment. For this purpose, we have engraved a personal memory of you in each of our wooden watches “Because the perfect time is now.” Every time you look at your wooden watch, we want to give you a little inspiration to live your life mindfully and consciously feel the moment. Escape the constant distractions, the daily stress, the exhausting mourning for the past, and the sickening worries about the future. Take a moment to rest and take time for yourself. Live in the present, do the things that make you happy, and the most important thing: enjoy the moment. Because this is the only way, we can shield ourselves from all the negative feelings and become happier in the long term.