4 Adventures to Enjoy After Buying Your 2017 Toyota Rav4 Baltimore


The versatile 2017 Toyota RAV4 Baltimore opens the doors for year-round outdoor recreation activities. From beachside camping to geocaching road trips, the RAV4 excels when rolling down the road, loaded up with gear. Upon adding this innovative vehicle to your pack, you can immediately start planning your outdoor excursions to brighten up your everyday for years to come. Here are some starter ideas to use as you make your plans to purchase a car.

Beachside Camping

The RAV4 has highly capable components that can tackle the demands of beachside camping with ease. The 18-inch tires grip the sand comfortably to forge ahead to your perfect camping spot. At arrival, the foot-activated power lift gate will help you unload all of your gear quickly and efficiently. With your RAV4 on your side, making the setup process much smoother, you may even have time for a quick swim to cool off after setting up camp.

Drive-In Movies

For a quick night out, load up your RAV4 with friends and family, and then go catch the double feature at your local drive-in movie theater. You and your guest of honor will be able to find your sweet spot using the heated and power-adjustable front seats. The modern entertainment system provides movie-theater quality surround sound that helps the film come to life before your very eyes.

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Trailside Excursions

When you really want to get away from it all, load up your RAV4 with gear and hit the trails to slink into the forest for true rest and relaxation. The all-wheel drive system features dynamic torque control to keep you on track to reaching your destination in record time. You can confidently and comfortably traverse through tough terrain, as the AWD and sport-tuned suspension keep you moving forward.

Geocaching Road Trip

Take your RAV4 on your geocaching road trips to experience the world while seeking out treasure. Long road trips will never again break the bank once you choose the RAV4 as your go-to vehicle. The 2.5 liter, four cylinder engine produces impressive power numbers while economically sipping the gas.

Test Drive an Adventure-Ready Toyota RAV4 Baltimore Today

If you are ready to bring a 2017 Toyota RAV4 Baltimore into your life, come on down to Jerry’s to take a test drive. You can contact the sales team at 443-219-2120 to set up a dedicated appointment to talk about adding the RAV4 to your stable.

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