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4 Crucial Factors to Consider When Choosing a Signage Company in Singapore

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Whether you’ve discovered that your business sign is becoming outdated or your business has moved to a new location and requires a brand-new sign to proudly display your business name, you’ll want to choose the right signage company for the job. Therefore, you must select a reputable and competent large format printing company in Singapore for your signage project. Consider the following factors when picking a sign company to work with:

1. Reputation

When researching sign companies for your desired hoarding stickers, you should examine their previous work and the types of clients they serve. The types and status of clients a company has served show a great deal about their work and overall reputation. There may be a gallery or similar section on the website of a sign company where you can view examples of their work. You should also check platforms such as Google and Facebook for customer reviews and past work samples.

2. Permit Process

Permitting is one of the initial steps taken upon acquiring a new exterior sign for your small business. Each city and local municipality restricts sign size, lighting, and message displays according to their criteria. Your digital signage company won’t start production, design, or proofing without municipal approval. Obtaining a permit for your signage can be a confusing and time-consuming duty—something business owners typically do not have time to entertain. Ask sign companies that you’re considering working with if they will handle the permit application process.

3. Customer Service

Customer service is one of the first factors you should evaluate when working with a sign company or any other large format printing business in Singapore. Observing minor details may give you a sense of what it would be like to be their customer, even though it can be difficult to accurately evaluate customer service before becoming a client. Again, taking the time to research the company’s reputation and the feedback of previous customers may help answer your questions about the quality of their service.

4. Service Capabilities

A digital signage company with all the desired capabilities eliminates the need to collaborate with multiple contractors. Working with a single company expedites the process for all parties involved. Professionals recommend conducting online research to determine a sign company’s capabilities and breadth of services. It can be as simple as reviewing their previous work or calling them to discuss the specifics of your project. Consider sign installation and removal, electrical work, digital printing, routing, and painting, among other capabilities.

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