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4 Fun Facts About Explosion Proof Lighting Worth Knowing

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First and foremost, what is explosion proof lighting? These lights refer to a lighting system or enclosure that contains sparks emitted from within, thereby preventing explosions when they react with explosive substances or gases in the surrounding atmosphere. Contrary to popular belief, explosion-proof does not indicate that these lights are explosion-resistant. In hazardous areas, they can restrict the path of sparks and prevent external ignition. Moreover, here are some additional interesting facts about explosion proof lighting.

1. Explosion-Proof Design

In typical light fixtures—the bulb, contacts, and wiring are vulnerable to the surrounding air. A spark from a loose contact/movement of the switch or even the residual light bulb heat may be sufficient to ignite a flammable and combustible environment. Any explosions that may occur are contained within the durable system within an explosion proof indicator light. Explosion-proof light fixtures have their components enclosed so no stray sparks or flames can leave the system.

2. Low Cost for Upkeep

Ordinarily, an explosion proof light and switch is more robust than its non-explosion-proof counterpart because it comes from more robust materials. It means that ex-proof lights cannot be broken easily, unlike standard lights, which are fragile. It distinguishes ex-proof lights as specialised equipment and a superior choice for confined spaces. It eventually reduces the cost of maintenance and saves you money.

3. Better Mobility

Explosion proof lighting is highly resistant to vibrations because it has a more robust frame and thicker tempered glass lenses. It allows for greater mobility, as the ex-proof lights can be transported from one location to another using forklifts or other transport equipment without being easily damaged. Standard lighting fixtures, on the other hand, are not as mobile, as even the tiniest bumps or movements can cause damage and malfunction. As a result, explosion proof lighting fixtures are more portable than standard lights, making them the ideal option for businesses requiring mobile illumination for operations.

4. Guaranteed Durability

Generally, an explosion proof light is more durable than its standard lighting counterpart. As explosion proof push button switch fixtures are typically constructed with sturdier and heavier materials, they can withstand harsh working conditions. It means explosion-proof lights are less susceptible to damage than standard lighting fixtures, making them a better option for operations in confined spaces. Therefore, the high durability of explosion proof lighting fixtures reduces your business’s maintenance and furnishing costs.

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