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4 Great Difficulties That Impoverished People Deal With

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As Singapore is one of the most developed countries in Asia, shouldn’t the standards of living for everyone be raised? While many people live comfortably, a sizable chunk of the population still lives in dire conditions. The wealth gap in Singapore is rising. We should take measures to address it.

Hundreds of thousands of adults make barely the amount they need to survive in an expensive country like Singapore. Have you ever thought about the effects of this poverty on them and their families? Poverty is a condition that can be difficult to escape, especially if you are born into it. Here are a few of the difficulties that people have to endure.

1. Insufficient living space.

 While many families are fortunate not to be faced with homelessness, those on the bottom rung of the income ladder usually have tiny spaces that cannot accommodate their households.

2. Inability to buy necessities.

 Living in poverty means that obtaining certain necessities such as food can be challenging. Food and water are human rights, but many families can’t get the food they need to survive.

3. Vulnerability to illnesses and other conditions. 

Diseases and illnesses are unexpected happenings that can be disastrous for poorer individuals and families. Since it is already difficult for them to obtain food and other necessities, hospital bills and other medical expenses can ruin them.

4. Lack of access to education. 

There’s a growing educational inequality issue in Singapore. Those who come from wealthier backgrounds have access to better education, allowing them to be more competitive than people who cannot afford them.
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