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4 Side Effects Of Cancer Treatment In Singapore

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The different cancer treatment options offered in Singapore hospitals are among the many medical marvels that have saved countless lives since their discovery. Cancerous cells can stop multiplying, growing, or progressing thanks to these remedies. They may not produce the best results at all times, but their effectiveness allows cancer patients like you to live symptom-free for many years.

But like almost all medical procedures that aim to address various ailments, cancer treatments like chemotherapy, bone marrow transplant, cryoablation, and proton therapy have a few side effects. Since your body is a complex network of muscles, bones, and vessels with different functions, these remedies cannot address a health concern troubling a specific tissue or organ without affecting the others. Your treatment may also interact with your body composition or the medications or supplements you have been taking to resolve other medical issues.

To allow you to you better understand your cancer treatment and help you prepare for it, here are four of the many side effects you may encounter after undergoing or receiving it:

4 Side Effects Of Cancer Treatment In Singapore

1. Hair Loss

Radiation and chemotherapy are cancer remedies that often cause hair loss. They are a popular breast, cervix, eye, and prostate cancer treatment in Singapore that utilises high radiation doses or chemical substances to eliminate cancerous cells, shrink masses, or alleviate symptoms.

2. Nausea And Vomiting

Many cancer patients feel like vomiting after their chemotherapy, immunotherapy, or proton therapy in Singapore—an expected side effect of these treatments. Fortunately, your doctor can prescribe medications for your nausea to make you feel better after your therapy sessions.

3. Cognitive Impairment

Believe it or not, you may have trouble concentrating or recalling things after your cancer treatment. These side effects may cause difficulties in everyday tasks at home or work. If you are experiencing this aftereffect, fret not since your radiation oncologist in Singapore will not hold it against you since it is a common outcome of many cancer remedies.

4. Pain Or Discomfort

Many individuals feel fatigued and in pain after their cancer treatment sessions. If you experience this side effect, you will want to stay in bed all day and refuse to leave home—which is necessary for your recovery. But if you can no longer tolerate the discomfort, you can ask your doctor for a pain management plan to relieve some of the body aches you have been experiencing.

Dr Johann Tang is a trusted radiation oncologist in Singapore who can help you lessen and manage your cancer treatment’s side effects. Check out his website to learn about his expertise in caring for cancer patients like you.