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4 Signs That Your Industrial Air Compressor In Singapore Is Broken

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An air compressor in Singapore is a machine that converts normal into denser and more pressurised ones. The primary purpose of an air compressor is to convert energy to another form.

Air compressors work in two stages. The first stage is to compress the air. Compressing the air means that the machine compresses the air into a small space or tank. The pressure then creates kinetic energy. The second stage is the release operation, where the pressurised air is released. 

A balloon is a great example of an air compressor. When you inflate the balloon, you trap and compress the air inside. If you slowly untie its opening, the air gushes out of the balloon with force.

There are many applications for industrial air compressors in Singapore. In agriculture, air compressors are used in crop sprays. Manufacturers use air compressors in finishing and sanding metals.

Here are the signs of a broken industrial air compressor in Singapore:


Typically, air compressors shut off when it reaches the tank’s cutoff pressure point. When it does, the pressure release valve will turn to reduce the pressure.

Non-stop operation of your air compressor may indicate a defective pressure release valve or faulty pressure switch. When the pressure release valve is broken, the tank contains too much pressure that it is unable to release them. Meanwhile, when the pressure switch is broken, the tank ignores the cutoff pressure point. 

It is better to consult your air compressor supplier in Singapore if your machine is experiencing this issue.


The opposite of the first item, if the air compressor suddenly shuts down and won’t operate, then there is a problem with the machine.

There are several reasons for this sudden shutdown. The first is damaged electrical components. Check if the cables are connected to the electrical outlet. Look for exposed wires.

The second is high temperatures. Your screw air compressor in Singapore needs to cool down before they operate again. 

The third is old and broken components. They may need repair and replacement for the machine to work.


There are several causes for low pressure, including narrow pipes, faulty compressor controls, and system issues. For system issues, you need a professional to inspect and replace the components.


Condensation for an industrial air compressor in Singapore unless it is excessive. The possible causes of excessive condensation are faulty dryers or condensate drains. Too much moisture can cause your machine to rust.

Is your air compressor manifesting these signs? Maybe you need to get it checked!

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