4 Things I Considered Before Leasing Cafe Equipment In Singapore

Opening a cafe—or any business in every industry—is costly. Aspiring food and beverage establishments owners like me need to have a generous amount of resources to register our shop, rent and design a space, get raw materials and ingredients, buy cafe equipment, and hire personnel. But despite the expensive cost of opening a coffee shop, I did not stop myself from doing so and achieving my lifelong dream of becoming a successful cafe owner.

Due to the hefty sum required to open a food and beverage establishment, I sought ways to minimise my expenses. I searched for a lot with the best value based on its location and visibility. I also worked with a kitchen equipment supplier in Singapore that can lease its products for a few months.

A kitchen or cafe equipment lease in Singapore is a financing programme that allows aspiring or existing entrepreneurs to rent cooking, baking, or beverage-making appliances for a specified period and price. Compared to buying new equipment, leasing them can help business owners like me lessen our expenses when establishing our cafe or restaurant.

Aside from saving money, I chose to get a commercial kitchen equipment leasing plan to avoid the costly responsibility of repairing the appliances. I also took out an equipment lease since I wanted my cafe to have the latest machines. Instead of purchasing new chillers or ovens every year, equipment rentals help me lessen my expenses by allowing me to get an updated model whenever I renew my plan.

What I Considered Before Leasing Cafe Equipment

Before taking out a cafe equipment lease in Singapore, I thought of countless factors to ensure that my rental would go smoothly. Scroll through to learn about the four things I considered when ‘borrowing’ appliances from a trusted kitchen equipment supplier:

1. My Cafe Equipment Needs

I wanted to ensure that I would only be getting everything I needed, so I considered the cafe equipment necessary for preparing and serving the drinks and baked goods my establishment offers.

2. My Ability To Pay My Lease

I did not want to lease a commercial freezer in Singapore if I could not settle its fees, so I asked myself where I could find money to pay the rental plan.

3. My Cafe Equipment Leasing Eligibility

Before getting a commercial kitchen equipment leasing plan, I ensured I was eligible to rent everything I needed for my cafe. Doing so prevented application approval delays and helped me avoid wasting time taking out a lease that did not suit me.

4. The Cafe Equipment Lessor’s Reliability

I did not rent any appliances from my chosen kitchen equipment supplier without learning about them. Researching their background helped me ensure their trustworthiness.

Where To Lease Cafe Equipment In Singapore

Renting cafe appliances can be tricky since not every kitchen equipment supplier in Singapore makes their products available for lease. But after rigorous research, I learned about Bakers &Chefs and their cafe equipment leasing programme, ‘Try-It-Buy-It’. It is a 12-month lease plan that requires business owners like myself to make weekly payments.

As soon as I heard about this programme, I signed up for it—but not before considering the factors above. My team and I used their cafe equipment for a year and renewed it for another 12 months to get 25% lower weekly payments, free appliance parts, and complimentary servicing.

If you are looking for a company offering commercial kitchen equipment leasing plans in Singapore, I highly recommend Bakers & Chefs and its ‘Try-It-Buy-It’ programme. Check out its website to learn more about its equipment rental plan.