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4 Things You Can Do To Boost Your PR Application In Singapore!

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Are you planning to apply for PR in Singapore? With its top-notch healthcare facilities and education system, environment for living, etc., it isn’t surprising to see why many are willing to apply for residency in Singapore.

If you’re one of the distressed applicants who have received a rejection for a permanent resident application, fret not! You can still apply and aim to improve your success rate. Here are four pro tips you can follow for boosting your PR application approval!

1. It is in the timing

Timing is everything when applying and submitting Singapore PR requirements. While there’s no exact timing or perfect season to apply for a PR, you should at least be aware that you have been on good terms with your employer. The industry that you work with is also crucial. Once you complete six months of employment, you have a better chance of approval once you start working with the application early. 

2. Include your family for PR application

Commitment is another factor that will boost your chance of approval. Before you plan to submit or start your application for PR in Singapore, consider including your family, your kids and your spouse. Apply together because including means showing long-term commitment for the country. Purposely excluding children in your application may reduce your chance of acquiring PR in Singapore.

3. Seek help with your PR application

Seeking consultation or help from a PR application agency in Singapore will boost your likelihood of getting your PR approved. Seeking professional help from consultant agencies will guide you and pick out potential root problems. It reduces the risk and mistakes for a less hassle and cumbersome PR application!

4. Reapply after some time

If this isn’t your first time handling a PR application in Singapore and applying, consider reapplying after a while. Consider waiting at least half a year to 12 months after the rejection due to many factors, from employment to duration of stay. It’s best to take time and look through what else you need to improve!

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