5 Best Places for a CCTV Camera in Your Singapore Office

The placement of CCTV cameras is one of the most crucial factors in yielding the best results from a surveillance system. The primary two reasons for installing CCTV cameras in the office are investigation and deterrent. The extra layer of security allows business owners to monitor what happens in their offices. Here are five of the best places for CCTV camera installation in a Singapore office.

#1 Entry Points and Back Doors

The entry points to the office or building is the first spot that may present the best picture of the target. The image or video captured from this point is more valuable in identifying the individual.

#2 Reception or Concierge Counters

The majority of crimes take place at cash registers and reception areas. These possible occurrences require additional consideration when deciding where CCTV cameras are in your Singapore office.

#3 Work and Staff Rooms

The CCTV camera has made it simple for the manager to keep an eye on their staff in the office. The surveillance system keeps an unblinking eye on the office to track the behaviour of employees and guests.

#4 Blind Corners

Installation of a CCTV camera system in Singapore office buildings should improve security. Wide-angle cameras are ideal for these inconspicuous places since they can capture a larger area with a camera put in hidden points.

#5 Garages and Parking Lots

CCTV surveillance should also be in company parking lots and garages. Install CCTV cameras at close and distant locations. It will let you identify and record the sequence of events or crimes. Wide-angle cameras are ideal for this location.

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