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5 Leading Factors to Consider Before Buying Kids Furniture in Singapore

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Parents will do anything for their children as long as it makes them happy. I ensured that my child’s home environment was conducive to their happiness and comfort. My child’s comfort urged me to buy specific kid’s furniture items. Due to their size, some older furniture in my home was unsuitable for my child. I purchased an activity table, a play table, cubby holes, a preschool table and chair, and a preschool table and chair. 

However, there are a variety of children’s furnishings on the market. Therefore, selecting the most suitable one for your child can be challenging if you do not note certain essential factors. And to help you out, here are the most important factors I considered when purchasing the ideal furniture for my child.

1. Prioritise Safety

I initially considered the safety of my children upon buying furniture in Singapore. I noted that children are typically active and susceptible to injury. I needed to determine a piece of furniture’s safety before investing. I ensured that there were no sharp edges that may harm my kid. In addition to safety, I determined if my child used the furniture comfortably. Any table’s surface should be smooth.

2. Consider Budget

I had to establish a budget range when designing a child’s room because it was easy to overspend to achieve a certain aesthetic. However, I worked with a limited budget upon buying my children their furniture in Singapore—I kept things simple while utilising boundless creativity and resourcefulness. For instance, instead of spending money on new stickers and decals, I painted the room creatively or repurposed wallpaper to add personality to my child’s room.

3. Consider Versatility

Versatility was crucial in selecting the right furniture for my children’s bedroom. Kids grow and outgrow way too many things—from clothes and toys to furniture pieces. I always ensured that my children’s furniture was multifunctional and served dual purposes. For instance, I contemplated purchasing a shoe rack from Singapore with stackable pieces to increase its versatility. Once my child is no longer a toddler, the furniture piece will be a versatile shoe rack for all their footwear.

4. Shape, Size, and Aesthetics

Size, shape, and aesthetics were crucial considerations when selecting kids furniture in Singapore. Regarding furniture size, I purchased smaller pieces so my children could comfortably climb into shorter beds and conveniently reach their closets. As previously mentioned, I also avoided tables with sharp edges and never put my child’s safety at risk. Regarding design, I had to include my children in the furniture-buying process. I permitted them to choose the colour and style of their furniture. I also provided input based on their final decisions.

5. Quality and Durability

I made sure the kids furniture I purchased in Singapore was of high-quality, long-lasting material to save myself a great deal of trouble. High-quality, durable furniture can withstand extensive wear and tear. I had to purchase furniture that could support the growing weight of my children.

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