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5 Money-Saving Tips When Ordering Corporate Shirt Printing

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There are many advantages to corporate t shirt printing in Singapore. Aside from the branding, you can also have the opportunity to advertise and unify your employees. However, your company printed t shirts may end up costing you more than you expected.

The price often adds to the labour, colours, and shirts. Here are some suggestions for saving money on your next order of company printed t shirts.

1. Minimise the design

This tip all depends on your branding. However, it’s best to keep it as simple as possible while designing company printed t shirts to save more on cost. Keep your company image in mind and let the design speak for itself. It also often shows that striking and minimal designs are easier to recall.

2. Use fewer shades of colour.

Your colour combination has the most immediate impression on corporate shirt printing. However, it’s best to choose a few solid colours that show your company identity. The more pigments your design requires, the more screens your t shirt printing company in Singapore will need.

3. Order them in bulk

Ordering extra shirts in bulk lowers your overall cost. It’s also easier to provide for your employees since you can employ a dress code. It’s ideal to choose a t- shirt printing company in Singapore that can help you balance price and quality.

4. Pick shirts that are either white or black.

White is the least expensive colour shirt you can buy for your company printed t shirts. Like white, grey also goes with any design or colour palette. It may also reduce manufacturing speed since things work more efficiently.

5. Partner with a printing company

You can reduce the cost of your company printed t shirts by partnering with a company that specialises in corporate t shirt printing in Singapore. Make sure you choose an all-around service provider.

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