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5 Reasons to Choose Eco Developments for Residential Homes

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Due to the numerous advantages it provides, eco-friendly living is gaining favour. These benefits include lower costs and energy consumption, reduced maintenance, increased health and well-being, and a surge in property value. Real estate firms design environmentally friendly properties since the building sector contributes 38% of worldwide CO2 emissions. 

Here are five reasons people should opt for eco residential options for their homes.

#1 A Step to Cost & Energy Efficiency

More individuals are seeking solutions to reduce their living expenses. Committing to eco-friendly living improves energy efficiency and lowers costs. Many neighbourhoods install solar panels for electricity. An example is the Tengah Plantation District. Moreover, large windows allow as much natural light as possible. 

#2 Water Efficient

Decrease water waste to maintain a consistent supply of clean water. It may also entail calculating the amount of water needed for usage. Water efficiency is one of the principles Tengah aims to achieve with future development projects.

#3 Maintain Less

Eco-friendly living can also imply using green products that endure longer and have less severe environmental effects. Use green building materials such as recycled steel, wood, and bamboo to build your house. HDB homes at Tengah Plantation District use sustainable materials to ensure sustainability.

#4 Better Air Quality

Air pollution may lead to serious health issues such as asthma and cardiovascular disease. Good air quality is made possible by eco-friendly living. Consider living in a neighbourhood with plenty of green space. It allows you to benefit from better air quality provided by trees and plants that filter pollutants in the atmosphere. Moreover, most HDB homes in the Tengah Plantation District use a Central Cooling System that degrades less and is more eco-friendly.

#5 Surge in Property Value

Sustainable projects raise the property value substantially more than typical residences in the real estate market. Homebuyers are ready to spend 11% to 25% more on green and eco friendly houses and communities. It is one of the reasons to create eco-friendly residential homes. It is time to look into the Tengah and future HDB development projects in the district.

Air conditioning might account for up to 40% of ASEAN’s total power use by 2040. The cooling requirements in residential and commercial structures will be the primary driver of the expansion. People must encourage change that allows everyone to select eco-friendly cooling while decreasing our carbon footprint through efficient solutions.
Tengah, HDB’s 24th public housing development, is one example. Residents are at the heart of sustainable transformation efforts in the Tengah Plantation District. They aim to reduce carbon footprint than similar HDB estates because of Centralised Cooling. It translates to an annual energy savings of 30 GWh. Visit their website to learn more.