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5 Reasons to Switch to a Solar Clothes Dryer

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Many Singaporean citizens live in condos, apartments, or HDB flats. Because their living area is so tiny, they may need more space to effectively sun-dry their clothes. The good news is that there are plenty of other options to dry laundry. While many use a machine dryer, one method is sustainable, hassle-free, and even healthy for those using it: an indoor laundry drying system.

Consider the drying system a more sophisticated version of a drying rack. The system uses warm air currents and bright light to dry your clothes using solar energy. It is small enough for a home of any size yet strong enough to hold up to 45 kilograms of laundry. This technology makes it one of the best choices for those with small living spaces. 

Here are five more advantages of using a solar clothes dryer.

1. No Maintenance Needed

A solar clothes dryer has a steel-based reel system means no parts to replace every so often, such as filters. It’s strong enough to last up to ten years, even if you never perform maintenance checks. You may not even need to clean it beyond a little wipe with a cloth.

2. Independent of the Sun

Those who rely on sun-drying their laundry sometimes run into issues. If it rains while trying to dry their clothes, they may have to rewash them, wasting time and resources. But a solar clothes dryer works independently from the sun. No matter the weather, you can rest assured knowing your clothes will still come out perfectly dry and sanitary.

3. Avoid Harmful UV Rays

Did you know that ultraviolet rays can affect clothing? Frequent sun-drying can make your fabrics look dull and flat because of the UV rays it absorbs. You don’t have to worry about that with indoor laundry drying since it uses warm air currents that are relatively harmless to your clothes. Protect your clothes from irreversible damage with safer drying techniques.

4. Cheap, Sustainable Energy

Did you know that an hour of solar consumption can be as cheap as $0.16? Solar drying is powerful enough to dry your clothes without causing damage to them while only using up a small amount of electricity. Plus, solar power is a form of sustainable energy that’s better for the environment in the long run. Using an indoor laundry drying system is the best option if you’re trying to save money and are environmentally conscious. 

5. Keep Clothes Allergen and Scent Free

Sun-drying your clothes risks getting unwanted particles on your clothes. Car exhaust or smoke from cooking might wander near your clothes, resulting in unpleasant smells. Wind could also blow allergens such as pollen and dust onto your clothes, which can negatively affect your or your family member’s health. You’ll protect your clothes from these factors with indoor laundry drying.

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