5 Suggestive Signs Your Child Is Ready for A Single Bed in Singapore

Whether your child is still in a crib or has started school, one must provide them with the right-sized bed for their health and development. If your child’s bed is too small, they may have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. Children who do not get enough sleep may have issues paying attention, interacting with others, and achieving academic success. Listed below are indications that your child needs a new single bed in Singapore.

1. Constant Climbing Out Their Crib

Concerned that their toddler will climb out of the crib, many parents opt for a toddler bed or co-sleeping arrangements. Try not to purchase a new toddler bed on the first occurrence of crib escape. Instead, take the time to determine if your child is truly ready for their single bed in Singapore or if you prefer to co-sleep with a toddler. Keep in mind that you can also reduce the height of the crib mattress to make it harder for them to climb around.

2. You’re Worried About Their Sleeping Habits

Before deciding on something as significant as a bed transition, it is always advisable to conduct a little research before buying a pull out bed frame. Spend some time analysing your child’s sleeping habits; do they exhibit signs of distress, or are they sleeping soundly? The introduction of independent sleeping is feasible if a solution resolves their sleeping problems.

3. Your Kid Is Too Big for The Crib

Perhaps the size of the crib prevents them from getting comfortable, they become too heavy to lift in and out of the crib for nights and naps, or the crib prevents them from using the restroom. Numerous children reach this milestone at approximately three years of age. It is simply no longer practical for them to remain in a crib, so consider a loft bed with a desk for your longevity purposes as your child grows up. 

4. Your Child Asks ForA Bed

If your child expresses interest in sleeping in a bed, it’s a good sign they’re ready to move out of their crib. And if your toddler is requesting a new loft bed with a desk or asking when they can sleep in a big bed instead of the crib, it may be time to initiate the process since they are receptive to the idea. In addition, be on the lookout for indications that they want their toddler bed. You can use this as an opportunity to involve them in the process by allowing them to choose their bed, which makes the transition much more enjoyable for both.

5. The Arrival of A New Baby

You will need to find a crib if you’re expecting a newborn. Make a transition between the old crib and the new toddler single bed in Singapore at least six weeks before the baby arrives. It will help your toddler adjust to their new environment and prevent them from viewing their old crib as their own. Remember that you may have alternative sleeping arrangements for your newborn, allowing your toddler additional time to adjust. Plan everything according to your child’s readiness.

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