5 Tips for Selecting the Best Guitar Instructor


Choosing a guitar instructor for yourself or your child can be a difficult task. It usually involves researching about different music schools and teachers before weighing your options. Factors such as learning methods and communication styles must be put into consideration. Once your child is really passionate about playing the guitar, it’s crucial to enroll him for classes in order to perfect his skills. Here are some suggestions for choosing a guitar teacher that can also serve as a mentor for your child.

  • Ask friends for recommendations

Your friends and other people around you can be consulted for advice on the best guitar teacher. Some of them won’t hesitate to refer you to reputable ones that they’ve used their services at one time or the other. As you receive the recommendations, try as much as possible to carry out further research.

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  • Have clear expectations

Chances are you already have certain goals that you want your child to accomplish with the classes. Ensure that you communicate them clearly with the instructors. They will quickly inform you if they are not up to the task. A child that is just starting guitar lessons in Glendale will require a curriculum that is different from someone who wants to hone his skills. The best guitar instructors understand the importance of designing a curriculum for each student.   

  • Schedule an interview

During the interview process, it’s essential to ask questions about the instructors’ experiences, qualifications and the type of instructional materials they use. Their response can really go a long way to help you determine whether they are the right fit for your child or not. It’s your right to know more about yearly recitals and other crucial details, after all, you’ll be paying if things work out. You can even ask them for references or testimonials from their past or current students. At times, parents are often advised against hiring less experienced instructors. The bottom line is to follow your intuition when searching for a guitar instructor.   

  • Consider your budget and location

Make sure that you have accurate information of the charges before enrolling in a guitar class. In addition, make enquiries about their cancellation policy and the terms and conditions that come with the lessons. Hiring a teacher whose location is very far isn’t ideal. In this wise, opt for the closest instructor that can offer quality service. Most experienced teachers prefer to teach students in their studio. Your child can also take guitar lessons in the comfort of your home if you can afford the cost.   

  • Involve your child in the process

Even if the teacher has all the qualifications in the world and your child doesn’t like her, the lessons may be unproductive. It goes without saying that a sound relationship must first be developed in order to get the best out of each class. Ask your child whether he is comfortable around the teacher or not. You may decide to pay a visit to the studio and observe how other students and their parents relate with the instructor.

It may take time before discovering an instructor that you’ll be finally satisfied with. Always remember that your child deserves nothing but the best for his music education.