5 Ways Personal Trainers Can Deliver More Value to Their Clients


For new personal trainers, getting clients can be quite a challenging task. Most clients typically look for trainers who can provide a better service or more value. If trainers are able to consistently deliver good value, it will be much easier for them to attract new clients and become more successful in their career. If you are looking for ways to add more value to your personal training service,or you are new to the industry and want to become a trainer today, here are some things you should do to become a better personal fitness trainer:

1.Give clients more attention: It is a fact that some personal trainers are easily distracted. After the trainer asks the client to do reps, he or she might leave and do something else. Clients may eventually feel that they are not worth the trainer’s time and they could cancel. Clients appreciate it if the trainer stays with them and observes. Clients are paying for the trainer’s time, so the trainer should give them that.

2.Talk less: Having good chemistry with clients is essential, but some trainers can turn into storytellers. Clients are not paying trainers for entertainment purposes. So, regardless of how pleasant and humorous you are, it is still about getting the best results for your clients.Likewise, clients may talk a bit too often and it’s important for trainers to steer their clients to talk less and do more work.

3.Acknowledge pain and discomfort: It’s true that trainers who don’t push clients hard enough may not be worth hiring. But, trainers who have strict “stop whining” mentality may not appeal to many clients. Trainers should be aware that pain is a signal that something could be wrong. Trainers should check whether clients are genuinely in pain and address the problem. Disregarding pain can be quite risky, due to the increased risk of injuries. Any kind of injury may stop clients from proceeding with the training session.

4.Build a training plan: Whether trainers are paid per session or per month, results come through process. Trainers who don’t have plan are not doing their job. Trainers need to be frank about what clients need to do to reach specific goals.

5.Avoid selling any health products: Selling supplements or any health product may risk ruining the reputation of the trainer. Most of the time, recommendations on health products are based on financial gains, instead of the actual health benefits.

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