5 Ways to Use Promotional Products for Marketing


Even though almost every company now has an active online presence, creating an offline marketing strategy is equally important. Unlike social media campaigns that are expected to run for a specific period of time, promotional products have long lasting effects. It is undoubtedly a budget-friendly means for promoting your brand to a wider audience. Customers are bound to hold your company in high esteem and will likely choose you over your competitors. Check out some of the effective ways that small business owners can optimize promotional products.

1.     Choose practical items

Ensure that people will find the products useful for a long period of time. Companies of this era offer items like mugs,Banner Pens, water bottles or mouse pads to their customers. The bottom line is that the products must be of high quality so that it will be impossible to forget your brand. It’s up to you to decide on personalizing them for customers or branding them with your company’s name and logo.

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2.     Don’t wait for the holidays

Most companies only give out promotional products during the holidays. It’s not advisable to always wait for this season if you want to get excellent results. The fact is that people usually receive tons of gifts such as shopping bags and calendars during public holidays. There is a possibility that yours may end up at the bottom of the pile and ignored for months.However, sharing promotional items when launching a product or at anniversaries willmake your brand remain indelible in the minds of several people.

3.     Give them to loyal customers and fans

It’s common for some brands to welcome new customers with gifts. Such customers will likely refer others to purchase more products or subscribe to a service. Apart from offering certain discounts to early paying customers, consider giving them promotional items too. This approach can have a positive influence on customers that pay late. Another approach is to use to them as giveaways that will be offered to winners of social media contests. Once they start using these products, their friends will be interested about how they acquired it. Your brand is bound to gain more exposure if you organize contests regularly.

4.     To reward employees

It goes without saying that promotions should start from your company. Employees often expect and appreciate incentives. Branded baseball caps and t-shirts are just some of the things that can be used to reward their service to your brand. This in turn motivates them to do more than before. Encourage them to use the items within and outside the office.

5.     Offer them at sponsored events

As time goes on, your brand will be invited to sponsor events such as local festivals or sporting events. You may decide to give out Custom printed plastic cups and other promotional items instead of your products. It serves as a way to boost brand awareness and connect with potential customers.

If you want to end up with high quality products, endeavor to plan in advance and contact a reputable company.

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