6 Excellent Tips For B2B-Oriented Businesses To Make An Effective Online Presence


While the digital revolution has been proven to be great for many fraternities, it’s been quite messy for marketing and sales, especially of small- to medium-sized businesses that are in the B2B (business-to-business) space.

Just till recently, a sale required at least some kind of human involvement, even with the internet. But today your customers have started depending upon the internet to do everything, from fact-finding to relationship building.

Can a small B2B-oriented business get its place in this digital age? Yes, it can! Here are some of the B2B marketing strategy Sydney by BrandQuest from which these companies can learn to make an effective online presence.

1. Your Website: Your Digital Realm

Most businesses realise that they have to have a website but don’t understand its criticality. Your website is your digital realm, a space where you can connect directly to people, share your story and make everything that can make your first impression great.

Make sure your online presence is excellent by offering an appealing customer experience, easy navigation and topnotch branding.

2. Importance of Dynamic Content

Most organisations can explain well what they do, but often fail while creating more dynamic content (e.g. infograhics, blogs or videos) to explain how they can be of help.

Customers normally get attracted to education and information, and then to products and services. If you haven’t done that already, start telling your story in different formats. The more frequently you tell it, the higher are your chances to get your story heard.

3. What You Really Should Know about Search

Being reached through search, via SEO (search engine optimisation) needs a consistent flow of relevant and high-quality content along with social media to improve visibility and authority.

Social media is often neglected but according to studies, 7 out of 8 of top SEO factors are connected straight to social activity. Hence, you’ll have to be social. However, remember that you should be active on these social media channels regularly; otherwise, there is a risk of losing your customers’ interest.

4. Understanding Your Audience Online

Strategic use of social media begins by listening carefully to your audience as much as your competitors, so that you can get a full view of what’s happening in your industry.

Watch carefully what industry influencers and players say and do on the web, and pay keen attention to the strategies that engage competitors, thought leaders and consumers.

Your competitors’ blogs are a great place to keep tabs on your competition. Keep an eye on what they talk about, what their pain points are and what their customers are saying.

5. Sharing Your Ideas with the World through Social Media

Social media is a blessing of digital revolution because it’s the best way to share your ideas with the world. If you do it right, it can work in an incredible way to enhance your online visibility.

It’s strongly recommended to focus on sharing extremely useful and relevant content on social media that can interest people you want to connect to.

6. Finding Right Places to Post Content

Perhaps for just a small amount per day, paid advertisements on platforms such as AdWords together with social media ads can be important.

If your focus is narrowed to a very particular keyword or phrase that your particular audience is looking for, an advertisement that directs them to a strategic landing page is well worth the investment.

If you have no idea what keywords your target audience is looking for, Google offers information on this with its AdWords platform.

Many more B2B marketing strategies can be learnt from a rebranding agency like BrandQuest. You just need to keep your eyes open and be alert always.