6 Tips on Organizing Your Garage


An organized home is a perfect home. However, in the case of larger areas of your home, such as the lounge or garage, you’d need some tips and tricks to organize it. There is too much stuff and too little space to keep it all.

The garage is just one of these places in the house that always seems messed up no matter how hard you try to organize it.


Collect all the stuff in your garage in one place outside the garage. Separate all the stuff that you need and toss out the trash. Now, divide all the useful stuff into sections. All cleaning equipment in one place, car fixing tools in another and other divisions based on things you own. Your garage would automatically seem emptier.

Make Use of the Walls

The best place to stack your things is on the walls. Drill and fix in wired baskets and wooden planks as shelves on the walls. Fit in all kinds of shelves for sports equipment. Bigger tools should be kept on the shelves as well. Have separate containers for small things like nails or nuts. Install a pegboard near your workbench.

Use overhead storage  

Separate things in plastic containers and slide them over the ceiling after installing the railings. However, keeping heavy stuff on the ceiling is a bad idea. By being overweight, it might fall over on the floor or even on your vehicle causing great damage. Install hooks on the ceiling and hang bicycles by the wheels on the ceiling.

Car Care

Even though a garage is meant mostly for your vehicles rather than home storage, we often end up not caring about the vehicle, and this is a fairly sad practice because we work so hard to buy the vehicle in the first place! We work for the credit score needed to buy a car, we take out loans and whatnot!

Make a wall shelf for your car care products. This way, they’d be kept safe, and you’ll always know where to find them when you need them.  Try not to harm your vehicle’s space by over storing stuff in the garage.

Floor Storage

Of course, why would anyone not use their floor storage space? Do not be haphazard about it though. Use the space carefully enough to leave the area for a person to walk in and out and not block the doors of the garage.

Place a workbench or rather make one using old tables or chest of drawers in your home. This saves money as well. Use the drawers to store tools. The table can be your workspace. This involves recycling of old materials as well. If the table is wooden, drill a steel plate on top of it before assigning it to be a workbench. Keep a high stool next to it as well.

Kids’ stuff

Probably out of love, you have ended up buying your kids more stuff that the space in the house barely keep. Now, they’ll end up in the garage. Instead of keeping them piled up in a corner, use tubs to organize them into categories. Your kid’s toy vehicles such as small plastic cars, scooters, and skates should each have a shelf or parking space of their own. This will also keep the house organized, and your kids will learn to be more careful about their things as well.