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6 Ways to leverage your Convenience Store Video Surveillance System

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All convenience stores face a number of challenges like shoplifting at night, robberies, fraud, internal theft, and employee misbehavior. It is simply not possible to keep an eye on everything that goes on during business hours if you operate in more than one location. Moreover, stores have many sensitive and vulnerable areas including cash case, ATM machine, hallways, entrances, back door, and restrooms. So, it is not possible to be everywhere at once, isn’t it?

To accomplish the goal of having a secure environment in conventional stores, security camera installation is worthy enough. They allow owners to monitor operations at all locations remotely. But, the leverage of the system could only be achieved by the proper coverage of the required area. So, let us learn a simple but effective way to get the perfect footages.

  1. Focus on most vulnerable areas

First assess which locations in the store in which theft, fraud, and other incidents likely take place. The most common answer is anywhere that money is kept i.e. cash register, ATM, safe, office as well as partially or completely hidden areas (backdoors, hallways, restrooms). The surveillance videos from these locations will tell any negative incident happened.

  1. Monitor entrance and exit

An effective and simple way to prevent shoplifting is to keep track of who comes and goes from the store, and who leaves with what. Every person who enters the store refrains from theft etc due to the presence of CCTV cameras.

  1. Activate notification alerts

The digital technology in the convenience store video surveillance system allows you to activate the SMS or Email alerts. If you activate these features, you receive notification of any fraudulent or suspicious transaction and alert the staff on duty right away. This also allows for scrutiny of the employee inquiry and to determine what exactly is going on.

  1. Audit and redesign internal technology

A sure way to boost internal efficiency of the surveillance system is reducing internal processes by adopting Lean methodologies. Try to install managed security solutions combine both audio and video surveillance footage. This type of information empowers you with data that is far more actionable than suspicious.

  1. Review Footage

Watching CCTV camera footage to familiarize with the day-to-day incidents at each particular location is a great way to improve your security system if needed. This information can be useful to improve employee performance by pinpointing areas that need work.

  1. Reward employees work

The best way to reward your staff is by checking their performance that is captured in convenience store video surveillance footage. This is a great motivator for your staff to improve their skills and performance.

In this world of competitive marketing, you have to beat your contenders to stand out. A well designed convenience store video surveillance system in your outlet let you know what are the areas working good and what needs to be improved. Are you looking for security camera installation Orange County CA for your convenience store? You can partner with HB Security Cameras. Our experts can visit your outlet and design a perfect system plan as per your expectations and the budget.