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7 Formats Offered by Video & Content Creation Services

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Video has long been the future marketing medium, but the future has arrived. You will fall behind if you do not use video in your marketing approach. There are hundreds of various video formats. However, there is no assurance that the video production business you engage in will provide the video production services you want. 

The following are the various formats many video and content creation services offer their clients.

#1 Event Video

An event video production service around Singapore can range from 30 seconds to 3+ hours long. It can be a recap, teaser, or multi-camera production. This service includes live events such as lectures, meetings, etc.

#2 Commercial or Advertising

Commercial video production service for firms in Singapore is typically 30-90 seconds long and can be documentary-style or animated. It may contain sponsored material, branded content, pre-roll, etc.

#3 Promotional Documentary

Promotional documentary and infographic video production services range from 1 to 30 minutes and feature interview-driven narratives. These productions contain everything from lengthy training clips and brand culture videos to promotional videos.

#4 Corporate

Corporate video production for firms around Singapore can be 1 to 60 minutes long. It can contain everything from lengthy training videos to brand culture videos to promotional videos.

#5 Music Video

Music video production services around Singapore include what you would expect. However, clients may also employ these production houses even when the video does not require an audio plot. The music video category may include trailers and teaser videos.

#6 Social Media

Social media videos are typically 15-60 seconds long and might include text, music, and narration. Some productions also need motion graphics from reliable Singapore firms. This video style is popular on social media sites.

#7 Educational

Productions like explainers, PSAs, tutorials, and how-to videos are examples of educational video projects. This infographic video production can be brief, 30-second films or lengthier, more in-depth productions. 

A video is a powerful tool for communicating your message and motivating your audience to feel, think, and act in a certain way. When done correctly, the video may be one of the most powerful conversion generators, regardless of industry or kind of business. Hence, engage with a reliable video production service in Singapore.

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