7 Podcasts Every ECommerce Entrepreneur Should Be Listening To


When it comes to running an ecommerce business, there’s always more to learn. Whether it’s the recent changes in Facebook’s algorithm or reading up on Oberlo’s guide to the best product ideas to sell online, there are always changes happening in the shifting online business landscape. As we kick off 2018, consider it one of your resolutions to become as educated as possible about your ecommerce business, starting by tuning into these 7 podcasts every entrepreneur should be listening to.

1 eCommerceFuel Podcast

When it comes to learning about your business, it doesn’t get much better than hearing from an experienced mentor, which is why eCommerceFuel Podcast is a great one to listen to. Andrew Youderian, an ecommerce expert himself, interviews other ecommerce experts on the ins and outs of the industry. Considering Youderian earned a combined total of over one million dollars in sales from his dropshipping businesses according to Shopify, you’ll definitely want to listen in.

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2 Shopify Masters

Provided by Shopify itself and hosted by Felix Thea, this podcast “provides the knowledge and inspiration you need to build, launch, and grow a profitable online store.” This is another interview-based podcast, so you’re sure to be entertained as you learn from the greats, whether it’s choosing what products to sell or strategizing how to achieve financial success. With podcast listeners on the rise in the US and 24 percent of Americans having listened to podcasts in the last month, you’re sure to be in good company.

3 The Fizzle Show

For something a little more fun and playful (especially if you’re doing these at the gym, when it’s hard to concentrate on both your heart rate and what you’re learning), consider The Fizzle Show. According to mofluid.com, what makes this show so great is its hosts: “Corbett Barr, Caleb Wojcik, and Chase Reeves are the founding friends and their podcast is a great blend of actionable business advice, humor, and inspiration.” They’re also especially helpful for anyone looking to start a business, and considering there are going to an estimated 224 million digital shoppers in the US by 2019, it’s definitely time to get started.

4 Entrepreneur on Fire

Everyone makes mistakes; we know that. But when it comes to new businesses, this is especially true. In fact, as many as 80 percent of them fail, which is why it’s important to know what moves to make when you think you’re about to lose your business, and that’s what you can learn from Entrepreneur on Fire. According to practicalecommerce.com, “Failure is part of every journey, so the first story shared is the guest’s biggest failure and lessons learned. The second story is the guest’s ah-ha moment and the steps taken to turn that moment into success.”

5 The Jason & Scot Show

If you want to stay up-to-date on all the new trends and statistics of the ecommerce world, look no further than The Jason & Scot Show. Specialists in commerce, content, and founding and leading companies, they’ve got tons of experience to mix with current events. For example, did you know that 55 percent of time spent on retail websites happens on phones? To stay up-to-date with relevant facts that could potentially impact everything from your social media game to your content strategies, make sure you listen to this podcast.

6 The AskGaryVee Show

You know how incredibly important social media is when it comes to running your online business successfully. After all, 84 percent of American online shoppers review at least one social media site before making an online purchase, meaning that shopping is becoming a group activity, kind of like figuring out all those math homework answers back in middle school. It’s important for you to know your stuff in order to maximize your social media returns, which is why you need to check out this podcast. According to Aftership, “He has this amazing energy to share good and actionable tips for any business trying to leverage social media… You ask questions – obviously on Gary’ social media channels. And Gary answers them.”

7 My Wife Quit Her Job Podcast

Finally, this podcast is perfect for anyone who’s considering starting an ecommerce business but might think this new career and life change is a little bit too scary to tackle. A lot of people think it might be too big a risk to be worth taking, but is that really the right way to think about your dreams, let alone an opportunity to enter a potentially $485.3 billion market? So if you’re feeling overwhelmed or intimidated, be sure to check out this podcast. According to betterthansuccess.com, My Wife Quit Her Job “reveals how successful entrepreneurs started their online businesses without risking their life savings, sacrificing their relationships by working 100 hour weeks, and without extensive technical knowledge.”

What ecommerce podcast are you most excited to listen to? Do you have any others to recommend?

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