Best African Spots to Travel To


Africa is home to some of the most wondrous sites on planet earth. It often gets overlooked by travelers, and there’s no logical explanation for why! It’s got it all, and there is definitely enough on this vast continent to keep everyone travel happy.

So, here are some of the best African spots to travel to in 2018 and beyond:


Namibia is absolutely stunning, and it shows a side of Africa that most people don’t know exists. The capital city, Windhoek, is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever seen. The buildings are a mixture of tall skyscrapers and beautifully crafted homes; it’s fantastic!

Of course, there are some highlights here that you absolutely can’t afford to miss. There are giant sand dunes that you should definitely try and climb, there are loads of tours you can go on, and there’s even the spooky skeleton coast. The main problem with Namibia is there are almost too many things to do, and they all cost money. So, start saving, or maybe try and play the powerball lottery online to raise those travel funds!


Can you really mention African travel spots without throwing Egypt into the mix? It’s an iconic country that’s draped in ancient history. Of course, the main tourist spots are the pyramids and all the different museums containing Ancient Egyptian lore.

Egypt is another gorgeous country, and it has a very distinct culture. This is definitely one of those ‘learning experience’ holidays where you go home feeling more knowledgeable. Plus, you get to see one of the wonders of the world, so that’s a bonus!

South Africa

Where do we start with South Africa? Cape Town is obviously a must-see location, purely because of Table Mountain and the stunning views it brings. But, it’s also home to loads of magnificent wildlife that you won’t see anywhere else on planet Earth.

Johannesburg is another iconic city worth visiting, but perhaps the most underrated destination is Durban. It’s a coastal city that shows Africa can do beaches just as well as any other country. Seriously, the sandy beaches here are stunning – it’s a great place to go for a relaxing break.


Morocco is just a stone’s throw away from Europe, but it’s one of Africa’s best spots to travel to. This is mainly thanks to how amazing it looks. All the houses and buildings are tightly packed together in Marrakech, with markets lining every street. It’s full of color and culture, giving you so many things to do and see.

People forget how big Morocco is, and they assume most of your time will be spent in the main cities exploring different tourist spots. But, you also have the chance to go on a trek in the Sahara Desert. Again, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that you simply can’t pass up.

There are so many great places in Africa, and it’s a shame I couldn’t make this list longer! If you’re looking to book a holiday anytime soon, then maybe keep these four spots in mind.