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What makes a Cadillac so special? Ask any Cadillac dealership Framingham salesperson and they will tell you. But can you really believe what the salespeople at a dealership tell you about their product?

Yes! When they are talking about a superior product such as a Cadillac that has had a solid reputation for quality, class, and comfort since 1902.

Yep, 1902, that’s more than 115 years so they are obviously doing something right! Not many other auto brands have those kinds of bragging rights. In fact, you probably can’t count how many automakers have gone out of business just in the last 20 years, let alone 115 years. So yes, a Cadillac is something special.

The One Feature A Cadillac Offers That Others Don’t

WOW! That’s a bold statement because most auto manufacturers all offer basically the same types of features in varying option packages. However, Cadillac recently rolled out something special…cars that can talk to each other.

Now, this isn’t a detection system like the lane change warning detection feature, etc. Cadillac’s cars that can talk to each other, actually talk to each other and the technology is called V2V.

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Any Cadillac dealership Framingham salesperson will tell you that the V2V costs about $300 per vehicle and as of this writing, the Cadillac CTS is the only car in the world where this feature comes standard. The V2V system works by using a dedicated short-range communications system to communicate with other vehicles. And, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is even thinking about making this technology mandatory for all new vehicles by the year 2020.

How Does the V2V System Work?

The V2V technology is discretely placed in a small module located in the antenna of the CTS and can transmit approximately 1,000 messages per second within a 1,000-foot radius to any vehicle that is also equipped with the same technology.  This technology is especially helpful for places like intersections where drivers and radars can’t see another vehicle approaching or how fast it’s approaching. It can also see through solid objects like as walls which is helpful for situations such as a vehicle that’s coming out of a blind driveway or pulling out of a space when parked between two cars. So it’s no wonder the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is considering making it mandatory in the coming years. This is some pretty exciting technology that is capable of saving countless lives. What’s not to love?

What’s Next?

If you would like more information about the Cadillac CTS and its V2V technology, ask any Cadillac dealership Framingham sales representative to take you on a test drive to demonstrate this wonderful new technology that’s capable of saving lives, one that could be your own.