Chronic Water Leaks: Determining the Best Time to Replace That Roof

If you’re noticing water in various parts of your home or business, you could have a leak in your roof. If that’s the case, now is the best time to replace it. But how exactly can you tell if that water is actually a roof leak?

You Notice Water Stains

Typically, water stains look like big puddles on the ceiling encircled by brown rings. But that’s not always the case. Stains aren’t always easy to see if they’re in a corner. But the discoloration in your ceiling or walls could indicate a leak in your roof.

You Notice Occasional Drips

Stains may not be the problem. Instead, you may see moisture on the walls or periodic drips that only happen during a heavy rain. If that’s the case, you should still check for roof damage. The same holds true in the winter when snow and ice are the norm. The daily temperature change that causes snow and ice to freeze and melt on your roof sends moisture under shingles, creating leaks. It’s always best to have your roof checked if you see moisture, even if it’s intermittent. Otherwise you could end up with permanent and costly damage.

Your Exterior Walls Have Spots

It’s good to key an eye on the place where the roof meets your exterior walls. If you notice water spots under the roof line, that could indicate a problem with the roof flashing. Addressing the issue could save you much more damage in the long run.

Vegetation Has Formed On Your Exterior Walls

We’ve all seen pictures of those quaint cottages with ivy and moss clinging to the walls, making for a picturesque scene. But in reality, green growing on exterior walls could indicate severe problems with gutters and downspouts.

Although not made from roofing material, gutters and downspouts are still an important part of the roofing system because they allow water to move away from the roof and toward the ground. To protect your roof, keep an eye out for leaks in downspouts and gutters. Signs include moisture on exterior walls. You can also prevent leaks by repairing sagging gutters and adding covers to gutters.

Debris Accumulates in Your Downspouts or Shingles are Missing

If you notice debris in your downspouts or shingles missing from your roof, it’s time to investigate. Those issues, along with problems at the seams between shingles, are clear indicators of further complications with your roofing material. When a roofing system isn’t at its best, leaks can occur. When you notice damage occurring on your roof or drain system, it’s an indication that this could be the best time to replace your roof.

If you suspect your roof or drain system may have damage, don’t wait to address it. At Vertex Roofing, we understand the importance of your roof and how all repairs need to be handled quickly and professionally. Contact us for a free estimate and 24-hour quick quote service.