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Classes For Toddlers – 4 Things You Want To See In A Program

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Excellent enrichment classes for toddlers in Singapore should have a high-quality program. Aside from a comfortable and secure learning environment, the program is a critical feature you should not miss when you are outsourcing a learning class. 

A high-quality learning program also helps establish a close relationship between teachers and young learners through various interactions, which also affects children’s behaviour. Without further ado, here are some of the most vital things you want to see in a high-quality toddler program:

Consistent Routines and Schedules

Whether it’s a language or Chinese class for kids in Singapore, teachers should have a plan to balance out schedules and maintain consistent routines. Activities and plays should be in a familiar daily schedule that is flexible in order to meet the needs of these students. Proper schedules and consistent routines will influence a child’s cognitive, emotional and social development on a positive note while meeting their needs and understanding expectations.

Enough Time For Children To Play and Discover

Toddlers are at their age where their curiosity is among their primary interests. They are driven by their own need to explore objects and experience new things. Thus, teachers must know how to take advantage to mould them into a positive learning experience while driving creativity and problem-solving abilities. Supporting children at such an age is ideal with proper time and encouragement to keep them stay interested in activities for a period of time. 

Emphasis Relationship With Family and Others

Ideal classes for toddlers in Singapore should also emphasise the importance and value of forming a relationship with family and others. A responsive, stable relationship plays a role in every child’s development. Through relationships, children can learn to socialise, understand emotions, think and communicate to express themselves in a more effective manner. Thus, an ideal class program for toddlers should place emphasis on relationships with families. The centre should also communicate with parents and listen to or consider their opinions.

Implements Health and Safety Policies 

Lastly, health and safety matter as much as learning is vital. All enrichment classes for toddlers should have a proper implementation to sanitise and equip their facilities better to secure risks and maintain cleanliness throughout the class period. They should also emphasis practising handwashing. Teachers and children who are sick should not be allowed to stay inside the classroom. There should also be guidelines as to what children can use and play indoors and outdoors, especially when the equipment is beyond their age.

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