Conversion Funnel: What is it and what are the Advantages


The funnel of conversion (or funnel) is an analysis of the different phase of the task of achieving objectives.

It’s used in numerous sectors of marketing, sales, and social media, where it is used as a measurement tool that helps optimize processes to achieve the objectives set faster.

Basic requirements to generate a conversion funnel

Although the conversion funnel can be used in many areas, there are some basic points to consider:

  • We will need to identify all the steps of the process correctly to analyze correctly and arrange them chronologically in a correct manner as they occur.
  • We will need to extract and interpret the results, apply them improving the processes in which it is necessary and achieve to improve our final objectives.
  • The problems in the next phase would be given by an unattractive design, bad usability that hinders navigation to users or a content that is worthless and least expected from our website.


Improvement of the results: The conversion funnel will provide us with very valuable information about our achievement of objectives, where our most important failures are and how to eliminate them. That will make our final results better and teach us how to sell on amazon prime.


Getting all that needed data will help us to know the profile of our clients better, making it easy for the creation of a remarketing strategy. Clickfunnels review can aid us to know more.

Performance of Marketing Campaigns

Generally, the first phase of a conversion funnel will show us where the people who visit us come from. This data will facilitate the analysis of the performance of our marketing campaigns, aiding us to know the real impact they generate in the market.

Traffic Data (SEO)

Following the thread of the previous point, if we know the origin of the people who visit us, we can also analyze the influence of the SEO we are doing and improve it without hesitation if necessary.

Abandonment Rate

A detailed analysis of the purchasing process will allow us to know where we fail and why cart abandonments occur. Again, if we know what we’re missing, we can fix it.

Using clickfunnels can aid us in all these, know more about clickfunnels pricing comparison.