Different golden jewellery designs which ring well with millennial


Are you searching for the perfect ornaments that not only go with your style, but with the latest trends as well? Today, women aren’t exactly into Monroe style “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” kind of thing. Now women want jewellery to be more personalised. And here are some of the ways modern ornamentation is influenced.

  • For Me, By Me: Buyers seem to have formed an inclination towards big bold jewellery. In the last few years, customization has taken lead over catalogue designs. What people now want is to show off their own creativity, and what better way but ornaments to do so!
  • More Options=Better: A gradual yet significant shift towards geometric and floral designs has led to opening up of newer and wider avenues in jewellery designs. Now customers can consult hundreds of designs before deciding on the final design. The Renaissance styles seem to be making a comeback!
  • Make That Metal: Metals have a boldness about them, and therefore with the rise of preference for boldness, choice for metals has risen. Besides latest gold chain designs showing off metallic preferences, there is a domination of metal-only designs in earrings in sync. This renders a minimalist, matt look to the person wearing them. Out-of-the-box alloys with gold have become particularly favourite for them being unique and artsy.
  • Set’em in Stones: Stones have come to the forefront. Detailed patchworks of gold are rendered with a beautiful aura of sophistication. There is no lacking of experimentation. These stones are often not too precious, rather much colourful.
  • Fantasy In Chains: Given an inclination towards boho styles, there has been an inclination towards birthstones; with customised golden spiritual ornaments coming to the forefront. And the most popular styles have a dominance of zodiac signs.
  • Get On The Streets: From latest gold bangles design to chains, the street style has taken over the youth who want that twist in their jewels. This is economic as gold can be coupled with stones in ways unimagined by conventional jewellers, to reduce the cost of making. The collage-style goes well with the artistic turn of modern minds.

Men’s Jewellery

In discussing jewellery we often tend to forget men. But the millennial men are also embracing this preciousness. Previously rocked by rock star and punks, now men from all walks of life are donning jewels. They have a real love towards minimalist, subtle designs that would not stand out too much, but make a style statement nevertheless. Masculine motifs using ravens, switchblades and thorns are in, with gold making it bold!

Modern ornamentation has an increased domination of art and uniqueness that makes the millennial choices both a treat and challenge worth having. Gold being an asset, it is no more just bought for reliability, but is fused with newer styles to make a fashion statement. With the past coming back, one can say, old us indeed gold. Who would imagine colour and gold going together? Gold is now a style statement before being mere marriage gifts or friends in need.

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