Enjoy your holidays at luxury zimmers


Zimmers in northern Israel are unique and very less known for accommodation option. They are more comfortable than hotels and resorts. They are mainly found in rural areas. They provide a best way to experience the country and interact with local people. You also get experience to stay in high value accommodation.

Many Zimmer’s you can see in the Galilee and Negev region in Israel. Visiting Israel is quite simple but finding the best Zimmer’s is challenging. Zimmer’s in Israel is the best option whether you are visiting Israel as well as couples who stay in a rural area of Israel. It has a number of features which makes the resorts popular. The Zimmer’s in Israel offers websites facilities for resort booking.

Zimmers are a best alternative to hotels but the problem is that not many tourists know about them. Some are doubtful about them because then they don’t get right information about them. Might be, they get out-dated pictures of basic accommodation.  Zimmers are different in standards just a hotels. There are many features of zimmers which makes them popular for couples.

Are zimmers expensive?

Some think that zimmers are a budget option but others think as a luxury accommodation. You will find that luxury zimmers in northern Israel are cost-effective. Mostly zimmers are owned by families and are situated near to their own home. They are budget-friendly.

If you are looking for luxury zimmers in northern Israel then Eden’s Boutiques is the best option. It is located in the Golen Heights which is the heart of Had Nes. It is resort with five different suites. Each suite is designed differently. Each suite involves the Jacuzzi, refrigerator, water tubs, dressing room and quality furniture.

Eden’s boutique-luxurious zimmers gives you best experience. There is quite and pleasant atmosphere in every suite. In spa room, you can pamper yourself with oils, steam sauna and spa Jacuzzi and heated swimming pool. You can also book your vacation through online.

Services provided by Eden’s boutique-luxurious Zimmers

Each zimmers is different and provides different facilities. They also differ from place to place. Basic facilities provided by Eden’s boutique are as follows: –

  • Self-contained cabin
  • Bed and breakfast
  • Spa
  • Free Wi-Fi facility
  • Free parking
  • Indoor pool
  • Fully air conditioned
  • Terrace and gardens

Eden’s boutique is located in northern Israel in the tourist town of Had Nes. There are 5 luxury suites and a spa centre with heated and indoor pool. A variety of spa treatments are available at our spa centre.  You can do online reservation at Eden’s boutique site. You will get instant conformation of your reservation.

So, come to us and enjoy your holidays.



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