Essential Types of Equipment for Trekking


While single day expeditions are fun too, the real joy and adventure of trekking are best experienced when you are out for at least a few days. But for a safe and enjoyable experience, you need some vital trekking essentials. Read this post to know 5 such essential trekking accessories or equipment.

If you are looking for a break from your mundane life, a trekking expedition is one of the best options. No matter if you are out with a couple of friends or a group of people, trekking is one of the best ways to rejuvenate yourself and experience the beauty of nature. Thanks to the diverse landscapes of India, there are several amazing treks spread throughout the country.

But to experience this outdoor adventure in the best way possible, you’ll also need a few trekking essentials. While there are several trekking accessories that you might carry, there are a few that are a must for everyone. 5 such must-have trekking essentials are-

  1. Good-Quality Backpack

You don’t just need any backpack but one that has a supporting frame and sturdy straps to accommodate your trekking gear. If you are planning to purchase a new pack, it is better first to collect the items that you are going to carry. This will allow you to know the capacity of a backpack you will need.

Also, make sure that you purchase a waterproof backpack and even get a rain cover for the same for safety.

  1. Right Clothes

Prefer full-sleeves shirts or t-shirts for trekking as they will protect you from sunburn. Carry at least 2 spare shirts/t-shirts. Prefer trousers over shorts as they are more versatile. There are now also 2-in-1 trousers with zippers that allow you to switch them between trouser and shorts. You can prefer such pants for trekking.

Even your innerwear should preferably be made from a synthetic material as cotton innerwear can get wet and cause chafing.

  1. Navigation and Fire-Starting Accessories

Even when you are trekking with a group, you will definitely need at least some navigation accessories in case an emergency arises. Some of the most popular options are maps, a GPS device, an altimeter watch, and a compass. You can easily find these products online as well.

Many of the people also carry something with which they can quickly start and maintain a fire for emergencies. While matches are a popular choice, you will have to keep them protected from water. A simple alternative is trekking firestone. They allow you to create spark irrespective of the weather condition.

  1. Trekking Shoes and Socks

Avoid wearing your sports shoes or sneakers for trekking. They generally have a very light tread which is not suitable for uneven hills or terrain and can easily result in slips and falls on downhill slopes. Look for high-quality trekking shoes that are exclusively designed for such outdoor adventures.

As far as the socks are concerned, a lot of people wear two layers of socks while trekking. The first lightweight socks for wicking and second thicker socks for better support and comfort. The socks too should be preferably made from a synthetic material.

  1. Other Important Accessories

You will also need a few other trekking equipment such as sunglasses, sun cap, hand gloves (synthetic), LED torch or headlamp, and trekking pole.

Light snacks, plastic covers, water bottles, cutlery, toiletries, and a medical kit are some other vital accessories.

Trekking Like a Pro

If this is the first time that you are going to trek, rest assured that the experience would be something that you will remember for the rest of your life. Just make sure that you select the trekking location carefully and have packed the essentials discussed in this post.

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